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Ukrainian Soldiers Surrendering to Russian Army in Many Ukraine’s Regions and Provinces: Russia-Ukraine War

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Ukraine and the Russian army have been fighting for approximately from last two years in Ukraine & Crimea, But this war is not stopping. Ukrainian Soldiers and Russian soldiers are still fighting in many regions, provinces, and areas to defeat each others and retailiate. On the social media, many experts, journalists, and Each other’s friends and enemies are posting many things like Defense, Army, Soldiers, fighters and equipments or aid to each other countries. In which it is said that Russia and Ukraine are definitely losing someone or the other, in recent developing news, Russia is losing its economy, dominance and forex or may become a new victim of finance and debts during the wars. Russia media says, Russia is doing their best against NATO and Ukraine to defeat them in Ukraine and Crimea, On the other hand, Ukraine is claiming that Russia has suffered the most loss in this war. In Russia-Ukraine war seems the war are going to end the approaches, with special radio frequency being used so that the Ukrainian army or soldiers surrender to Russian forces firing in Forest, Cities, and military actions. In the Ukraine-Russia war in Crimea, Thousands of Ukrainian soldiers opted to surrender to the Russian Army, these surrenders were seen even through a newly established Russian radio frequency. This news may be shocking for the Ukrainian and NATO countries.

Is Ukraine surrendering to Russia, Did the US and NATO will do stop aiding Ukraine in the year 2024?

See some pictures from the side of Ukraine and Russia where some soldiers of Ukraine surrendered to Russia during the financial crisis and looking to stop the war against Russia. However, Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy did not say that the emotional situation is kind to their country, but Ukraine is going through worse conditions than any other country that can force Ukraine to surrender. Ukraine and Zelenskyy have only one option left, either surrender or keep fighting, but no matter how long the war lasts, it ends in the end. In the Future, Sometime or other, NATO will come with a single help, either it will provide food or weapons. because NATO’s top countries are already told that have no weapons to keep for their security, and may it affect the whole of Europe and America Inflation might go increase. America was saved from being shut down, so there is a big step that neither country can take to help Ukraine.

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