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UAE and Qatar investing in Ayodhya amid Tourism surge in Ram Mandir : UAE Investing

UAE and Qatar investing in Ayodhya, Why are UAE, Qatar, or Arab countries investing in Ayodhya or Ram Mandir?, UAE and Qatar investing in real estate, Restaurants, Transport, malls, property or financial sectors of Ayodhya.


Currently, there is a possibility of billions of USD coming to India from other Middle East which can make India the top tourism country in the world although India’s tourism belongs to Indian states or regions. Now the way of investment of UAE, Qatar, and Arab countries is changing in they want to bring investments of billions of USD to India’s top economy zone, worships, and neighborhood places in which other Middle Eastern countries of the future will be much bigger than India. by the way, India has billions of USD in investment from the Middle East in real estate, ceramics and glass, transport and warehousing, financial services, and coal, oil, and gas have been receiving huge investments from Middle Eastern countries for many years. But now according to Indian media, it is being said that due to the remaining Rama Temple (Ram Mandir) in other parts of India, the world’s top investors can now invest Billions of USD in other top-rated Worship or Tourism of India.

Why are UAE, Qatar, or Arab countries investing in Ayodhya or Ram Mandir?

Nearly 100M+ visitors or tourists come to the UAE center and other Arab countries every year, yet UAE and Qatar have plans to further strengthen their relationship with India and stake billions of USD in India’s growing economy. Due to all this, UAE has also built a very big Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi due to which tourism can increase further. And now UAE has already invested billions of USD in Malls, Restaurants, Transport, Coal, warehousing, and financial services in India, but now UAE may invest billions of USD in Worship, and Hindu Temples in India. In all these, UAE and Qatar can aim at real estate, malls, property, investing, and regularly used things. Because just as the princes of France and Saudi Arabia have kept houses or properties, now the people of India can also get Billions of USD from the Middle East for real estate.

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