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Turkey to make nuclear weapons, Iran Nuclear Deal, Turkey Arms Exports rise, Will Turkey join Russia NATO war? : Russia NATO war

Will Turkey Join Russia NATO War?, Turkey Weapons, Iran Nuclear Deal, Turkey Nuclear bombs, Why are Iran and Turkey spending on Nuclear warheads, Fighter Jets, missile defense Systems, and Drones?.


Recently, Turkey has the world’s largest Arms and is achieving great success in missiles, drones, and air defense. It is being said that Turkey has become the biggest weapons exporter of RussiaUkraine and Middle East war which can establish Nuclear warheads, robotic nukes, and advanced Nuclear technology in the future. Recently it has come to light that Turkey has advanced its defense manufacturing to a great extent. So it is believed that Turkey is now working on Nuclear technology, missiles, bombers, and Nuclear Submarines because if Iran is ready to make a Nuclear bomb then in the future Turkey can also make a Nuclear bomb. In this way, Turkey’s mission 2028 is quite interesting in that it can focus its attention on Nuclear Bombs, Bombers including long-range, subsonic, jet-powered strategic bombers, and Fighter Jets. However, Turkey is dependent on the US and Europe for its defense, but considering that the prices of Turkish weapons are increasing globally, Turkey will benefit a lot from the Islamic world in the future. Because the Russian, Chinese, and American government generates the maximum revenue in the world from weapons, fighter jets, and missile defense systems.

Why are Iran and Turkey spending on Nuclear warheads, Fighter Jets, missile defense Systems, and Drones?

Although Turkey is the biggest ally of NATO and America, now Turkey is also managing its relations with NATO, China, Iran, and Russia. So, it is believed that if there is a war between Russia and NATO in the future, then Turkey will become the largest arms supplier in Europe. Because now Turkey has taken very little interest in the NATORussia war since last year. Because Turkey does not want to get involved in the Russia and NATO war, hence it is now focusing its attention on Gaza and the Middle East war. And if US pressure builds, Turkey may help NATO a little against Russia, but it will never wage a direct war against Russia. For now, Turkey has made two demands for NATO countries like joining the European Union and nuclear technology, but Europe has not allowed its expectations to be fulfilled. Because now Turkey has understood that only France, the US, and the UK benefit from NATO. Therefore, Turkey does not want to become a scapegoat in the RussiaUkraine war without its own benefit. That is why Turkey is removing its dependence on NATO and the Western world and is generating billions of dollars by selling weapons to the world.

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