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Top US Companies Resume Advertising on X/Twitter in 2024, Elon Musk Wins : Israel Hamas War

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Recently news has come that companies like Netflix, Disney, Comcast, Warner Bros Discovery, Paramount Global, Walmart, and Lions Gate Entertainment now want to start advertising on X/Twitter. Out of which Netflix has announced that now it has again started advertising on Twitter. Because currently Elon Musk has said that X platforms have already overtaken Instagram and many other platforms in organic growth. which means that banning advertising on all companies will create opposition Elon Musk’s platforms will never impact Twitter and Elon Musk. Because the companies that had banned Elon Musk’s platforms Twitter/Twitter are now starting advertising on Elon Musk’s platforms again.

Why are US Top Companies still planning to resume Advertising on X amid the Israel-Hamas War?

Often Elon Musk gets caught in some controversy but this time Elon Musk is getting new advertisers from the losses incurred due to the IsraelHamas war. Meaning, it has now come to light that big companies are seen bowing down in front of Musk. Considering what all the companies did to boycott Elon Musk and And on the contrary, all the companies are incurring losses. Because of all this, Elon Musk had earlier said that GFY (Go F*ck Yourself) was the way Elon Musk came to know that he has to focus only on the organic growth of Twitter/X. So in the future, we will ignore all the companies that have been boycotting Elon Musk and X since many days. After suspending advertising on X, all the projects and campaigns on Twitter started failing. And there are no specific platforms like Users and customers for the biggest companies.

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