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Top Bank, Car Companies are going to invest in Saudi Arabia: Neom City and BRICS

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According to the meeting of the Arab League and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) of Saudi Arabia, all the car companies of the world are planning to invest in Saudi Arabia. Top car companies like Hyundai, Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW, Ferrari, Koenigsegg, Toyota, Lexus, and Kia planning to invest in Saudi Arabia. The latest NEOM city project of Saudi Arabia to increase the new international trading potential at all the exports/imports through UAE, Jordan, Egypt, and Africa.

Why are top Banks and Car companies investing in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Prince MBS has confirmed that Saudi Arabia has given trillions of USD to the world for new exports/imports and to establish a global dominance through technology, cultural, developments, investing, attracts, and foreign investment plans can get the role. Saudi Arabia’s NEOM project is being eyed by the world’s biggest investors because this is the best opportunity for the Saudi Family to get rid of its Oil or Petroleum in the next few years. All the world’s biggest investors are eyeing Saudi Arabia’s big investments, such as up to $3 trillion in projects that can take a share of the world’s largest economy. Saudi’s top companies and their owners are also looking for ways to further their businesses and are investing in many countries.

US, Chinese, and European Stockholders may buy Middle Eastern Shares in 2024.

Recently BlackRock, Hyundai, Asian, and European companies have started locating their manufacturers in Saudi Arabia because Europe and America have the biggest debt in the world and it is believed that in the future US and Europe. All taxes, Additional tax, and export/import. duty may be surged. Apart from this, the top countries of the world also look at Saudi Arabia from the eyes of BRICS where they feel that Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Jordan can play the biggest role in BRICS. Saudi Arabia and UAE have always been the biggest investors in terms of investment, surpassing the US, Europe, and Asia and now they are trying to bring companies to their country by partnering with them. so, that the economy of the Middle East can be boosted by Oil and Don’t rely on gas and petroleum.

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