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Saudi Arabia Investing In Gaza, West Bank and Iraq amid Israel-Hamas War : Israel-Gaza War

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Due to the recent war between Israel, Gaza and Hamas, Saudi Arabia and the Arab League now want to increase investment in Gaza. Iran, Saudi, Gaza, and others are fighting over relations with each other, Israel, Gaza, and Iran, or Israel is stuck in the Gaza war. currently, the stance of Saudi Arabia is still against Israel and Saudi Arabia has demanded Palestine state to recognize Israel, in which there are no special interests in the path between Israel and Saudi Arabia. Due to all this, it seems that in the future Saudi Arabia will also have to choose between Gaza and Israel. Because for now, the people of Israel and Gaza do not know in which direction Saudi Arabia is expanding its support. Currently, the stance of Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Iran is still similar to that of Gaza because the US and Israel are no longer able to handle Saudi Arabia and UAE as much as they did in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.

Why is Saudi Arabia investing in Gaza, the West Bank, and Iraq?

And now the Iranian-backed government or army in Syria and Iraq wants the US and Israel to end the war in Gaza, and the top politicians of Iraq and Syria want the US should withdraw from Iraq and Syria. Because now Saudi Arabia also feels that if the US and Israel withdraw from Syria and Iraq in the face of Iran and Iraq, then Saudi and UAE can make ties with their defense, economic, and relationship with Iran. If the US has to withdraw from Iraq and Syria in the face of Iran, Israel, and Gaza, then in the future the interests of Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Arab League countries will be seen moving towards Iran, Russia, and Iraq. Now Israel does not seem to be able to attack the US due to the threat to the Red Sea and the Global route due to the Gaza war, but if the US and UK withdrew then the whole Middle East or the Arab League could support the whole of Gaza. There can be chances of war between Iran, Houthi, Hezbollah, and Israel and in such a situation Arab countries would not want US army bases to be in countries like Qatar, UAE, Oman, and Bahrain because Iran can retaliate these countries also. And then after the US leaves the Middle East, Arab countries will not be able to support Israel except Gaza and Palestine because Lebanon and Syria can also attack the Israeli army on the Mediterranean Sea.

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