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Russia’s nuclear missiles are coming to Cuba and Venezuela : Cold War 2024

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Currently, US media, Foreign Ministers, External Affairs, and diplomatic experts believe that the possibility of a war between the US, Cuba, and Venezuela in the future is increasing due to Russia’s nuclear war. After this move of Russia, the media and people of many countries feel that due to the anti-US policy of the US and Russia in Cuba or Venezuela, the US can get involved in a war between Latin American countries in the future. Many pro-US and anti-US countries seem that Russia’s foreign policy is still quite stable or strong with the Ukraine war, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. Whereas the US has currently lost its interest or foreign policy in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. Recently US’s Greg Abbott, Texas Governor said that ‘Joe Biden needs to learn from Putin how to work for national interests’. So far it seems that the US is in trouble in its own world in the case of South America, Africa, Middle East Europe, Russia, and Iran due to the dominance of China, Russia, and Iran. the failure of the US is happening everywhere.

Why US Military, defense, Western, and Americans Are worried about Russia’s Nuclear Entry into Cuba and Venezuela?

Currently, Putin, Iran, and China have posed a big challenge to the European Union and North American countries and it is believed that one mistake by the US and Western countries can lead to war with Russia, China, and Iran. Fighting Iran in the Middle East, China in the Indo-Pacific, Russia in Europe, and South American countries can be the US’s biggest failure. And US defense experts also believe that in the future, Iran and Russia can create a big challenge and threat against it in South American countries. Because just as the US and France had to flee from Africa, perhaps now the US may have to flee from the Middle East and Europe. Due to this BRICS, China, Russia, and Iran will come closer together against the US and Europe. Along with this, the external or internal policy of Biden and the Democratic party also seems to be failing in other ‘Texas states’ of the US, which may lead to Texas (US), Gaza, Russia, and Iran. The issue of US Taxes State is very political and will not be resolved today but tomorrow, coming closer to Russia and Cuba can pose a big threat to the US. It is believed that the future entry of Venezuela, Iran, Cuba, and Russia into Latin America will be like a cold war between it and Russia.

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