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Russia and Iran may attack Florida if NATO declares war against Russia in the Baltic Sea : Russia Cuba News

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Recently, Russia sent 3 Russian Naval Vessels to Cuba which also includes Yasen-Class Nuclear-Powered Cruise Missile Submarine, Kazan (K-561) which can carry out nuclear attacks on top US cities in the future. Currently, the trade between Cuba and Russia through the Port of Havana suggests that in the future, Russia may send more types of nuclear weapons, which may create a lot of tension for America. Because it is believed that in the future Russia may increase its relations with Cuba and Venezuela as well as with Hezbollah present in Latin America. Actually, the tri-border area of ​​Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay is considered to be the biggest supporter of Russia along with Iran and Hezbollah. It is said that America is helping Israel and Ukraine but in the future coming together with Iran, Russia, and South American countries will be a big challenge for America. However, Russia sending Cruise Missile Submarines, Kazan (K-561) missiles, and submarines to Cuba is a huge opportunity for South America because that country is also a bitter enemy of America. However, the Cuban MoD of Cuba maintains that no such Russian nuclear-powered submarine is arriving there. But Russian authorities believe that Putin has sent the YasenClass NuclearPowered Cruise Missile Submarine, Kazan (K-561) to Cuba.

Will Russia Attack the Southern US through Cuba, Iran, and Venezuela? NATO Vs Russia war, May NATO Attack Russian Assets in Cuba

But in the next few weeks, there are going to be major exercises between Russia and Cuba which will take place in the Caribbean Sea which will pose a challenge to the US and NATO. But now Cuba also fears that that army and that navy could attack the Russian assets present in Cuba within close proximity. If the US Navy attacks the Russian military and naval assets present in Cuba, then Russia can respond to it through Cuba. It is believed that if Cuba helped Russia due to NATO and Russia war then the US Army can completely declare war operation against Cuba. Because it would be very easy for Russia and Iran to target the US from Cuba. But now after Cuba, Venezuela can also help Iran and Russia if the US interferes in Guyana. And it is possible that America may take some action before the RussiaCuba joint exercise in the future. Due to this, attacking Cuba from one side would be like attacking Russia. Because as much as Russia and Iran can benefit from Cuba, the US and NATO can also suffer losses.

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