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Norway’s $1.5 Trillion Sovereign Wealth Fund Investing in US, Asian, EU Stocks in 2024 : Pension Fund

Top 10 Largest Sovereign Wealth Funds by Country, Top wealth funds investing in Stocks, Finance, Business and Future. Norway’s Largest Sovereign Wealth Fund investing in Asian and Middle eastern stocks.


Currently, Norway’s Government Pension Fund Global has been declared the Largest Sovereign Wealth Fund of more than $1.5 Trillion USD, which is the largest wealth fund in the world. Actually, Norway is the world’s top largest sovereign wealth fund which has the world’s largest pension fund and government wealth fund. But now the Government of Norway, pension funds, and developing funds want to increase investment in Asian stocks so that in the future Norway’s Sovereign Wealth Fund will increase further and in the future, more types of wealth of Norway’s government will grow globally. Norway’s Sovereign Wealth Fund is expected to generate profits of up to $2 trillion by 2025. Pension holders’ money is now invested in the world’s top Stocks, Finance, Economic, and Business sectors.

Top 10 Largest Sovereign Wealth Funds by Country

  1. Norway Pension Fund Global: $1.60t USD
  2. China Investment Wealth Funds: $1.36t USD
  3. Abu Dhabi Investment: $1t USD
  4. Kuwait Investment Funds and Wealth: $900b USD
  5. Saudi Public Investment Funds: $700b USD
  6. HK Monetary Investing: $595b USD
  7. Qatar Investment & Wealth Fund:
  8. Singapore Temasek Holdings: $500b USD
  9. SAMA Foreign Holdings: $413.1b USD
  10. Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation: $100b USD

Due to this, now the world’s top Wealth Funds are coming for Stocks, Finance, Business, and Lending which will further strengthen many investment sectors of the world. And the biggest thing is that these funds are coming from those people who are pension holders, stakeholders, and investors. And especially these funds are coming into UAE stocks, Switzerland Stocks, Indian Stocks, Japanese Stocks, US stocks, Indian stocks, BRICS, European Union, and Hong Kong. Because in the situation where we have seen war, recession, inflation, and the future in many areas of the world, every top wealthiest country now wants to invest their money and pension funds so that another country can get its profit. At the same time, due to Europe and the US economy, inflation, or investing crisis, a lot of debt seems to be increasing on the government of that country and the European Union. Due to all this, Norwegian Largest Wealth funds can soon be used for portfolios, stocks, and business management in many countries of the world.

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