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NATO Vs Russia in weeks, Poland preparing for war with Russia : Ukraine War

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Recently the German’s Dutch (German) media claims that Poland is now fully preparing to fight Russia. Because for now the tension between Russia and Poland regarding the Kaliningrad Oblast region is increasing and it is possible that in the future Russia and Poland may also fight without NATO. Many countries believe that Russia is now being loaded by a NATO country (Poland) but it is not so. Poland is a NATO country but apart from Article 4 of NATO, there is also tension between Russia and Poland’s Kaliningrad Oblast region. It is believed that NATO countries can now take action after the Russian attack on Poland. Well, to a large extent, it seems that NATO and Russia have very different views on Poland and Ukraine. Because on one side Europe and America cannot deal with Inflation and recession in their country without Russia and on the other side if Russia VS NATO happens then Russia’s direct attack can cause a lot of trouble for Europe’s Economy, Defense, and Security.

Will NATO invoke Article 4 against Poland VS Russia war?

It is believed that Turkey, Germany, Spain, and many such countries will not take NATO action due to the war over Poland and Russia’s Kaliningrad Oblast if Poland demands Article 4 of NATO to the US, the UK and France can together take action against Russia. Because many European NATO countries feel that if there is a RussiaNATO war, then tension may escalate for the whole of Europe. In this, like Ukraine, NATO countries can also send defense, security, and weapons to Poland. Because Russia faces many economic, defense, and security threats along with Poland, NATO countries would not want to invoke Article 4 of NATO in case of a war between Poland and Russia. And it is possible that Poland may also get caught in a war with Russia like Ukraine. And it is also possible that because of Poland, NATO countries may also gradually take action against Russia. There are many types of NATO articles like Article 4, Article 5, and Article 36 which are other very big action plans of NATO that can be used against Russia. It is possible that due to the war between Poland and Russia, neither country may impose Articles 4 and Article 36.

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