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Israeli $25B Gaza Settlement Plan, Iran Involve in Gaza, Hamas Comeback in Gaza : Israel Gaza War

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Recently, Israel and Netanyahu’s government have taken a big step regarding Gaza. Because of this, Israel can now face pressure from international laws, the UNSC, the US, and European countries. Israel is now under pressure from countries around the world about destroying Gaza and forcing the Gazan people to flee. Now Israel wants settlements of Jewish about $25 billion USD inside Gaza, due to which war can again break out between Hamas and the Israeli Army. Due to this, Iran, Lebanon, Hamas, and the Palestinians can now put pressure on the Israeli army, which can lead to another war on the West Bank, Gaza, and Rafah crossing. On the one hand, the Gazan people will again have to face a new religious problem because the Israeli government now wants to settle the Jewish population in Gaza. Netanyahu’s settlement plan may now lead Israel to be branded as Genocide at the international level because for now, Israel’s ongoing Jewish construction inside Gaza could lead to a new civil war.

How Hamas will comeback, Gazan refugees, Genocide in Gaza, Iran and Russia condemn Israeli Settlements bills in Gaza?

Actually, other countries are said to be involved in this step of Israel like Germany, the US, Israel, and Europe. Because Hamas, Iran, and Hezbollah are still a big problem for Israel, and if the Israel Jewish Settlements plan is carried forward then like Lebanon, civil war can be seen in Gaza and Israel too. Because of this Israeli settlement planning, Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Turkey may also get a chance in international courts where Netanyahu and Israel may be directly accused of Genocide. If Israel makes its settlement plans successful inside Gaza and the name Gaza is removed from the world map, Palestinian resistance will also be active outside the West Bank because Israel’s next plan could also be the West Bank. Currently, Hezbollah has also launched attacks on many Israeli cities, which means that if Israel turns its attention to Gaza, if it succeeds, Hezbollah, Hamas, and Iran will suffer a huge loss. Because after Gaza is lost at the hands of Hamas, Iran, Hezbollah, and Houthi may become ineffective against Israel to a great extent. Although the issue of Hezbollah, Houthi, and Iran is quite different from that of Gaza, Israel can take other types of action against Hamas. But it is also clear that the West Bank government does not have anything special to do with Gaza and Hamas because they also believe that after Gaza, Hamas may capture the West Bank but on the other hand, if Israel takes Gaza then the West Bank.

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