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Israel and US may attack on Golan Heights, after Gaza and Hamas : Israel Syria War

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By the way, not only Hezbollah, Hamas, Gaza, and the West Bank but Golan Heights can also open a new front for Israel. Because Golan Heights is not officially under anyone’s control because Israel says that it controls Gaza, the West Bank, and the Golan Heights but in reality, there may be threats to Israel from all sides. Although Israel says that the Golan Heights is theirs, it has not been given international status but is controlled by Israel. And now it may be very difficult for Israel to fight all around with Hezbollah, Syria, Iraq, Gaza, and Lebanon.

Why Hezbollah, Iran, GCC, and OIC will declare war and boycott against Israel and America?

It is possible that this war may be fought on four fronts because Syria, Iran, Lebanon, and Hamas in Gaza all seem to be simultaneously becoming enemies for Israel. And in such a situation, if Israel also fights them, then this war can pose a threat not only to Israel but to the entire world. Because Israel somehow feels that Iran and Yemen can play a big game because of the support of Palestine and Hamas. On the other hand, the meeting of both GCC and OIC is going to be held simultaneously and on the other hand, Iran can also activate its militias all over the Middle East. because now if Nasrullah declares war from his side then all the Iranianbacked proxies will be activated. In this way, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen will all see their benefits. There can be no better way for Hezbollah to target Israel than Syria because Syria itself wants to get back the Golan Heights which Israel was occupied by attacking Israel.

Why israel will Attack Golan Heights and Syria?

So in such a situation, this can be the biggest threat to Europe, America, and the Middle East. If Israel attacks Iran even by mistake then no one will be able to stop Iran from declaring war on its Proxy, Revolutionary Guard, and Militants. Gaza, the West Bank, and the Golan Heights are very important for Israel, and for them, they can remain in this war for many years but it is true that if Israel attacks Syria from the Golan Heights then America and Israel will have to suffer a lot because in Syria Countries like Russia, Iran and NATO exist. Secondly, Hezbollah and Iranian groups can carry out bigger attacks than Syria, Lebanon, and West Bank. The biggest threat to Israel in the Golan Heights could be a confrontation with Russia, America, and Syria.

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