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Ireland recognized Taiwan as part of China, US Taiwan Condemn Ireland : Taiwan China News

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Recently the Prime Minister of Ireland, whose name is Leo Varadkar, has now called Taiwan a part of China. However, after this statement from the Prime Minister of Ireland, it is believed that the viewpoint regarding the rift between Ireland and Taiwan may change. Although the geopolitics of Ireland has been quite complicated, it seems to be pointing towards Ukraine, Gaza, and now China. Currently, Ireland was the only country that supported the West Bank, Gaza, and Palestine and today Ireland is also seen supporting China. Therefore, Ireland has always given its opinion on the world’s tensions, conflicts, and global issues and now Ireland has become the first country which has to recognize Taiwan as a part of China.

Why does Ireland Recognize Taiwan as a part of China, WIll the US and Europe condemn Ireland?

There is a mutually beneficial strategic partnership between China and Ireland and the relations between Ireland and China are continuously increasing whereas the relations between Europe and Ireland have seen a difference in the last few years. Not only Ireland but Spain, and Norway also supported Free Palestine and Ukraine and now Spain and Norway can also recognize Taiwan as a China. As for how the Foreign Policy, External Relations, and Leadership of Ireland are being done, it is not like any other country’s society because after this recognition of Ireland, Taiwanese, South Korean, US, and Japanese others can be angry or condemn. Recently, China has been Ireland’s largest trade partner for Ireland’s relations and economy. Because recently it has come to light that Ireland and China may come closer in the future. Actually, there are no diplomatic relations between Ireland and Taiwan because Taiwan gets the support of the US and the UK. Therefore, Ireland has always been anti-UK or US because there is an ongoing dispute between Ireland and the UK regarding Great Britain and where the US and the UK are together, Ireland becomes the Opposite.

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