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Iraqi and Syrian resistance strikes Israeli position at Golan Heights, Northern Israel : Israel-Iran War

Iran will Attack Israel via Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, israel gaza War, Why is Iranian IRGC interested in Hezbollah, Iraqi and Syrian proxies to attack Israel? Russia, Iran and China coming closer in Middle East.


Currently, Israel has attacked many positions of Iran with drones or fighter jets in which Iran has not suffered any kind of damage due to which experts of many countries now believe that Iran is now using the Iraqi and Syrian resistance. With this, Iranian Proxy or Militias now could attack the Golan Heights. It has been shown that Iran has done direct strategy against Israel and Israel has done a direct strategy against Iran but now it is believed that in the future, Iran will still be able to attack many bases of Israel, now Iraqi, Syrian, and Lebanese militia groups will also be involved. It has been written that Israel has attacked many positions of Iran but Iran feels that Iran has won till now, it is clear that Iran no longer wants a direct war with Israel but still Iran attacks Israel from Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. Because recently Israel tried to attack not only Iran but also Syria and Iraq and due to this it seems that there is pressure on the Iraq and Syrian governments to respond to the Israeli attack.

Why is Iranian IRGC interested in Hezbollah, Iraqi and Syrian proxies to attack Israel?

Recently, Hezbollah has also carried out many attacks on Northern Israel, because of which Iran is getting a new positive point. that if there is a war between Israel and Lebanon in the future, Iran will have access to its weapons, drones, and missiles there Might get a chance to send to Lebanon. Actually, there is an official war going on between Israel, Gaza, and Hezbollah, which will greatly increase the ties between Hezbollah and Iran. And anyway, Iran and Israel have not harmed anyone but the real issue is Jerusalem, West Bank Gaza, and the Golan Heights. What Israel and the US have written is that Israel has responded to Iran and this is the victory of Israel and the US but it is not so, Iran will again try to strengthen Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, and Iraqi resistance because they have believed. That there could be a war-like situation against in between Iran and Israel. Iran still feels that Israel can attack the IRGC consulate again because the IRGC is now making possible efforts against Israel in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. As long as the Iranian IRGC forces work together with Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq, relations between Iran and Israel will not be perfect. It is shown that Israel and Iran are setting peace in front of the world but in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon, Iran and Israel are always making some strategy against each other.

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