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Imran Khan Won, Pakistan Court, US Failed, PTI party leading the election of 2024 : Pakistan Election

Will Pakistan Court Release Imran, Biggest Failure for Western and Pak Army, Democracy in Pakistan?, US in the geopolitics of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and the Middle East, Imran Khan VS US and India.


Currently, due to other elections in Pakistan, the people of Pakistan have also demanded Starlink or Satellite Internet due to the Internet Shutdown, Emergency, Border Restriction, and other powers of the country. And on all counts, now Imran Khan’s party is leading with almost 80% of votes, which is the biggest political and democratic increase in the history of Pakistan. Currently, Election Polls of Pakistan believe that in the recent elections in Pakistan, Imran Khan has more than 70% leads. and it is believed that now Imran Khan is for the Pak Army and Opposition parties. A very big challenge is being created. At the same time, the Pakistani court sentenced Imran Khan to 10 years but now it seems that due to the massive victory of Imran Khan’s party, the Pakistan court can also release Imran Khan. It is also believed that after Imran Khan’s victory, it seems that the Pakistan Court could release Imran Khan, and apart from this, it is not possible for the Pakistan Army to stop Imran Khan from becoming PM.

Will Pakistan Court Release Imran, Biggest Failure for Western and Pak Army, Democracy in Pakistan?

After the recent victory of Imran Khan, it seems that relations between Pakistan, Balochistan, Afghanistan, and Iran will be very likely. And recently, if Imran Khan takes power in the next few days, then he and Europe may get the biggest shock. After the arrival of Imran Khan, now Pakistan’s relations with China, Russia, the Middle East, and India can be improved due to which big steps can be taken in the future for Foreign Investment, lending Debt, and GDP. At the same time, the relations between the US and Pakistan can also worsen so much that it will directly affect the US in the geopolitics of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and the Middle East. It is possible that after the elections, Imran Khan’s voters can also take action to release Imran Khan because the Pakistan Court can release Imran Khan. By the way, now even the Pakistani Judiciary does not listen to the Pakistan Army and now the Pakistani courts will not need to take decisions under anyone’s pressure. Well, now it seems that the influence of Russia, China, and India will increase in South Asia and this is the biggest shock for them and the Western World. Now after the arrival of Imran Khan, there can be a place for Pakistan in the Middle East even on the IsraelPalestine tension. As for Pakistan, there are many other matters, tension, and problems of external or internal affairs, in the future all relations of Pakistan can become stronger due to the face of Imran Khan.

Will Imran Khan and the PTI party be able to form the government after winning?

However, it is quite complicated to make Imran Khan the PM because for now, the Pakistan Army will try to overcome the Election Commission which is Nawaz Sharif and Pro-West Leaders. Imran Khan is still anti-West because the role of the US, Pakistan Army, and Nawaz Sharif or Pakistan Muslim League (N) is still being played. Many Pakistani voters believe that almost 70% of their votes have been cast in support of Imran Khan, but still it is not possible that Imran Khan will become the PM of Pakistan. Maybe now Pakistan Army and Pamlan (Pakistan Muslim League (N)) voters can give the green light to Nawaz Sharif. Now it is being said that The Chief of Army Staff of the Pakistan Army, General Asim Munir, congratulates the entire Pakistani Nation, the Caretaker Government, the Election Commission of Pakistan, Political Parties, and all winning candidates on the successful conduct of the General Elections 2024. All of them, Imran Khan’s supporters believe that Imran Khan is fighting against the entire PMLN, the Pakistani Army, and the West, but now the truth of the matter has come to light when the Election Commission has said who won and who lost. However, the Pakistan Election Commission believes that after the takeover of Future Pakistan Army, it seems unlikely that Imran Khan and the Pro PTI Party will be able to win. So now all the opposition parties and candidates of Imran Khan have got the full support of the Pakistan Army.

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