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Golan Heights Becoming New Warzone for Israel and Iran Amid Israeli airstrike on Syria: Israel Iran News

Iran block Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, and Suez Canal. , irgc retaliate against israel US, Why Iran will retaliate against Israel amid the killed IRGC commander?, Massive Iranian missile launch against israel hamas, Hezbollah, Houthi and Hamas planning to launch missiles. Qaseem Sulemani, Israel, General Mousavi.


Currently, Israel’s Mossad and IDF have carried out another terrorist attack in Syria in which Iran’s IRGC commander was killed and Israel’s army and air forces are on high alert at a very high level. Because after Qaseem Sulemani, Israel killed the top commander of IRGC in an airstrike and now it seems that Iran can attack Israel directly from Hezbollah, Houthi, Syrian Assad Army, and Iraq’s Iranian proxies. Israel believes that IRGC’s top commander Mousavi has played a big role in keeping Iranian interests active with Syria, Hezbollah, Iraq, and Lebanon. Although IRGC commander Mousavi is the senior commander of the IRGC he is still the top commander of the IRGC. Syria’s top commander of the IRGC was Mousavi. So now there is also a possibility that IRGC, Hezbollah, Houthi, and other Syrians can carry out large-scale retaliation on Golan Heights because after Israel’s airstrike, the people of Iran are turning against Israel and they believe that Iran will now Hamas should openly join hands with Hezbollah and attack Israel.

Why Iran will retaliate against Israel amid the killed IRGC commander?

These types of Israeli attacks remind Iran again of Qasem Sulemani because after the death of Qasem Sulemani, Iran became the biggest leader for Israel and today we are seeing its results in Gaza, the West Bank, and North Israel. All this time, Iran felt that there would be no chance of them getting involved in the Israel-Gaza war, but now it seems that Iran can destroy Israel well on the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, and Suez Canal, but still Iran is not. If the US and Europe get involved in this war, Iran may take some economic, and defense and make ties with Neighboring countries to counter israel. However, Iran does not need to wage a full-scale war against Israel because Israel’s own people are supporting it. It seems that Iran can possibly launch massive attacks on Israel from the Golan Heights, North Israel, and Gaza. So in this way, I feel that Iran will now fully enter the war against Israel in a proxy manner because US elections are coming, in this way, Iran is getting a chance to keep Israel in the war till the US elections come. Because now in a few months after the IsraelHamas war, Russia, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan will become calm like Armenia, and then no country will be able to intervene in israel or Gaza the war because of US elections.

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