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Gaza Launching Missiles, Iron Dome failed, Economy, Proxy Wars, Is the biggest war against Israel or begin World War?

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On Saturday, Gaza Strips successfully launched thousands of Missile launchers or rockets against Israel and Gaza Militants entered Southern Israel. During this recent situation, there are many questions people are have related to Mossad, IDF and Israeli iron dome who failed in a mass rocket launched against Israel to capital of Tel Aviv. Rocket launched from Gaza and entering of Gaza militants in Israel is a biggest emergy for Israel. Top Israeli Commanders, IDF, Seniors and all the army forces are planning to retaliate to the Attacks from the Gaza Strips because, in this massive attack, almost the entire Defense System of Israel is shaken out. However, it would be better if this war was stopped because otherwise, this war might start a new proxy war with Israel. Israel has their enemies including Iran, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and some nearest countries.

Israeli Iron Dome has failed? also, Israel has launched ‘Operation Iron Sword’ against Gaza militants for retaliation.

Although the Israeli Iron Dome had stopped many missile attacks, this time missiles and militant entry had happened simultaneously. Israel’s government is imposing a new State of Emergency and State of War against Gaza, Palestinians, and militant groups. It could be a new world war in Israel and Middle East and Israel or Palestinians face a new proxy war, economic loss, and loss of lives also. By the way, Iron Dome has always challenged the Palestinians and Gaza’s Attacks but in this case, they failed to save the building and some lives.

is Israel collapsing, and is it beginning a new World War in the Middle east?

On social media, people are praying and demanding mass actions against Gaza and all the militants who entered Israel, it may also affect the global relationship like All the Jews and Palestinians are protested many times against Netanyahu to keep peace in countries. This situation can also be very sad politically now because the people of Israel already wanted peace but Israeli forces occupied a lot of area and this is also a big question for the Palestinians and it is bad news for the upcoming Israeli investments. It could be a very difficult time for the Israel, US, Saudi Arabia and UAE who were allies of each other countries. Well, this is a loss for the countries of the whole world, but if Palestine and Israel continue to answer each other, then a lot of losses can break the world’s big projects, partnerships, and relations.

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