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Fidelity investing in JNJ stock to increase the demand of US pharma companies : US-China Trade

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Currently, Fidelity which is the world’s top Assets management company which is owned by The founding Johnson family wants to invest in JNJ stocks like Vanguard which is one of the top US Stocks in the world. Apart from all the top members of the Fidelity and Johnson family, there are also institutional funds that buy and sell US stocks at will but recently we saw that Vanguard has the largest holding of JNJ stocks and now it seems that It is said that in the future, Fidelity and Vanguard Johnson family and institutions want to make more investments in top 5 US stocks to make them more profitable. So I think JNJ stock can reach $500 USD in the future because Assets Management Companies always buy big stocks which include top US stocks like Apple Inc., Microsoft Corporation,, NVIDIA, and Alphabet now at Fidelity. JNJ (Johnson & Johnson) Stocks should also be included in the list of top 5 stocks for investment like Vanguard and BlackRock.

Why is Fidelity Buying JNJ Stocks instead of US pharmaceutical stocks?

So now it seems that Fidelity also wants to invest in top US stocks so that it can sell top US Banking shares like Capitec Bank Holdings Ltd, Jointown Pharmaceutical Group, and Finance stocks. Now we want to increase investment in the stocks of Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical companies in the US and Europe because, like the Johnson family Fidelity which is a $4.5 trillion assets management company that dreams of making $11.7 trillion in the future, there is now the top US It is possible to earn significant profit by buying stocks and double or triple the investment in the long term. The stock price of Fidelity Large Cap Stock Fund is also around $44.84 USD and in the year 2024, Fidelity’s other European or Middle Eastern Royal families also want to invest Trillions of USD. At the same time, US pharmaceutical stocks are showing increasing interest from top institutional players around the world, which seems to be in the future. Fidelity is the world’s second-largest BlackRock Can be made by 2026, whose market cap can reach almost $11.7 trillion.

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