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Fatah and Hamas visiting Russia and China, during the tension in the Middle East : Israel-Palestine War

Why did China offer diplomatic relations with Hamas, Fatah, and the Palestinian Resistance?, Russia Ukraine War, Israel Palestine War, China in Middle East.


At present, it seems quite perfect for Hamas, Fatah, and Palestinian resistance to get closer to China and Russia because China is supporting Palestine, Gaza, and the West Bank at the UN and geopolitically in many places. Because recently China and Russia have now continuously supported Palestinians, Gaza, and West Bank people against US And Israel. Due to this, China is playing a very big role in the Middle East where in the future all the leaders, countries, and unions of the world are now looking at China. Now it is also being reported that Hamas, Fateh (Palestinian Army), and Islamic Resistance are going to talk with China about their defense, securities, Palestinian recognition, and future political developments. Whose leadership is going to take the biggest blow to Israel from East Asia for now Iran, Russia, and China are working together in many places, and on the other hand Israel has the fear of fighting front wars in many places in the future.

Why did China offer diplomatic relations with Hamas, Fatah, and the Palestinian Resistance?

However, China’s stand has always been for Palestine and Gaza, where on one side is Israel and Iran and the Middle East. Many people believe that China is intervening in the Israel and Gaza War to take over the Middle East, Gaza, West Bank, and World Economy routes. Not only China but also Europe, Japan, Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia want to expand their dominance on the Suez Canal, the Persian Gulf, and the Red Sea. But for now, Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah, Iran, and Houthis getting closer to China and Russia will be most profitable for China. No country ever wants its business, exports, trade, and geopolitical strategy to be spoiled but for now, China is pitted against the US, Western and Israel in the world’s biggest issues. And currently, they also believe that Hamas, West Bank resistance groups, and Fateh Army visiting China and Russia can bring China and the Middle East closer in the future. China can join hands with all the Middle East countries for a sovereign and independent Palestinian state in Gaza and the West Bank. It is possible that a defense deal may also be struck in this meeting between Hamas, Fateh, and China through which China can sell Palestine in self-defense.

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