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EU countries do not consider Hamas a terrorist, BRICS withdrawing support for recognizing Israel : Israel Hamas War

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relations with Israel, BRICS, UN, G20 will recognize Gaza as a Palestine.


There are many countries in the world that, on their own behalf and under pressure from America and NATO, consider Hamas a terrorist and consider the IsraelGaza war to be Israeli self-defense. Because many countries consider Israel an independent country and Gaza a war zone, many countries believe that Israel’s bombing of Gaza is considered revenge for the attack on 7th October. The IsraelGaza war is not limited to just GazaIsrael as it includes more and more proxy wars, military operations, Foreign aid, and powers. Israel, NATO, and the US have never been members of BRICS, and as such BRICS countries will not be able to do long-term development because it has top countries like Iran, China, Russia, India, Brazil, and Saudi. If BRICS is made successful then the IsraelHamas war will not be stopped. This war will not stop the US, NATO, and Israel because they can see huge benefits here. If OIC, Arab League, and G20 do not do anything till the next BRICS summit then BRICS will prefer to boycott Israel and America to solve this.

Many countries will not recognize israel including BRICS, UN Members, and G20?

But due to all this, there are many countries in Europe, Latin America, and Asia who believe that Hamas is not a terrorist organization. Now there are Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Norway, Switzerland, Ukraine, and many other countries that may withdraw their recognition from Israel in the future. Many countries believe that Hamas is an Iranbacked group that can do anything to Iran in the Middle East, and Palestinians believe that Hamas is fighting Israel for a free Palestine. In this war, Iran is a proxy and supporting Hamas and America wants to save Israel because with Israel America is exerting influence in the Middle East and if Israel fails in the Middle East then it will be the biggest benefit for Iran. So due to this, this IsraelHamas war can be very long and it seems that this war can go on for many years like RussiaUkraine. And in this war neither Iran will attack Israel nor America will attack Iran. But proxy war and secret funding are the biggest trouble for Israel and America. Although this war is openly between Hamas and Israel, Hezbollah and militant groups of the West Bank can also participate in it.

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