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Wormhole ($W) price prediction 2025, best multichain coin of 2024, Neon EVM, Wormhole airdrop : Cryptocurrency

Top cryptocurrency in 2024, Wormhole ($W) price, Neon EVM for Solana Creators in 2024, top upcoming projects and coins of 2024, NeonEVM or Wormhole biggest opprotunities for airdrops, defi, investing, creativity and developing blockchain. Ordinals and Solana’s Memecoin in 2024, Wormhole coin listing, LP, swap, crosschain, investing, and Web3.


Currently, they have Wormhole airdrop, Wormhole development, and Ethereum creators who have now given the biggest opportunities for their NFTs, Web3, DeFi, Solana, Ethereum, and Aptos through Wormhole. Due to this now wormhole is going to play the biggest role in the world of cryptocurrency. In the current situation, Solana developers have created NeonEVM for cross-chain, multichain, and development along with Ethereum, Polygon, and Bitcoin (Ordinals) for swap, trades, fees, and development which will reduce the risk of wormholes ($W) in the future. Due to this, there are big communities like Bored Ape, Crypto Punk, Mad Lads, and DeGod who in the future will set up a big opportunity for their existing coins like Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon on cross-chain or on different blockchains. This makes it easier for developers, creators, and the blockchain community to simultaneously swap and develop on Bitcoin, Solana, and Ethereum without the help of an exchange. It seems that future WormHole or NeonEVM new technology, NFTs, AI, and Metaverse, will play the biggest role in diversifying existing projects on another blockchain. Like any top NFT collection that is available on Ethereum would be the best position for them to move to Solana, Bitcoin, and Tezos or to create new projects like NeonEVM or Wormhole. With the help of WormHole and Neon EVM, any big projects with their meme coins, airdrops, defi, and staking can now move money from the existing blockchain across other blockchains.

Top cryptocurrency in 2024, Wormhole ($W) price, Neon EVM for Solana Creators in 2024.

Currently, wormhole is being used the most on Ethereum and Neon EVM is being used the most on Solana. which means that in the future, Solana and Ethereum developers can together make their projects, programs, and creativity blockchain-friendly with the help of these tools or technology. So I feel that if Neon EVM and Wormhole airdrop their coins or tokens and list them in the market in the future. it is expected that there will be an inflow of money from other developers, creators, and traders of their projects like Ordinals, Ethereum, and Solana. Because recently Ordinals and Solana’s Memecoin have been the biggest leaps forward for Ethereum’s NFTs, DeFi, and Web3 missions. So in such a situation, you can guess how much investment will be made in the upcoming coins of Wormhole ($W) NEON EVM, and others. Although many investors, traders, and holders believe that ultimately Neon EVM and Wormhole will not grow so fast, it is true that Wormhole and Neon EVM have already become successful projects in their upcoming bridge, cross-chain, and blockchain connecting. However, till now no coin of these projects has been officially launched but if it is Neon EVM or Wormhole coin Listing, LP, trading has started, then the price prediction of $W coin can be around $1 to $10 USD.

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