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Top Musician Grimes made $6 Millions in just 20 minutes by selling NFTs & Arts : Top Musician in NFTs

Top American artists in NFTs, Metaverse, AI technology, Grimes, Justin bieber, Snoop Dogg, Jason Derulo earned millions of USD in NFTs than their entire career of Music Industry. Grimes earned $6 Million USD in just 20 Minutes, top NFT collection to buy in 2024, NFTs P2P on Cryptography technology on blockchain, Artists new career in NFTs and Music.


A 35-year-old musician, actress, and songwriter Grimes have made the history of selling NFTs & Digital Arts through Blockchain technology. Grimes said, She had not made Millions of USD in the over career in the Music industry and made $6 million in just 20 minutes with Banked Transactions of Funds via P2P on Cryptography technology. Grimes is also been lived with Elon Musk who is the world’s top richest man and has a strong career in Music & Filming industry. The Full name of Grimes is ‘Claire Elise Boucher‘ and she’s from Canada and working in North America. She is the top young and smart Canadian face in American songs and English albums.

Top Canadian and American Songwriter and Singer in  NFT, NFT Arts, artists, and Celebrity Bought NFTs in 2023.

Top Canadian songwriters like Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Drake, and American singers are looking to make a new future and smart career digital by using Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to share new ideas and technology with the musician community and fan followers. Justin BieberEminem, 3LAU, Snoop Dogg, and Jason Derulo, are also bought and created their own NFT collections on Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and Ordinals Bitcoin NFTs to make new creativity on the Blockchain technology.

Artists are creating new Music, Arts, and Videography with NFTs to earn huge money instead of a Music Career.

Snoop Dogg is one of the most popular rappers in the United States and has the biggest fan following in the new world of NFTs, Metaverse, and Blockchain technology. Top NFTs holders are looking to sell or create their own techniques with NFTs to create art, NFT collection and other Uniques things to run the NFTs investment more artist’s friendly. Top Artists earned millions of USD in NFTs projects & Buy or Sell NFTs on the Ethereum & Solana Blockchain than earning in the whole Music Industry.

Grimes are more attractive about NFTs, Metaverse & AI technology to become own boss of digital world.

Grimes is now mostly in contact with NFTs, Metaverse & AI technology to spread the new word with a bright future for artists’ careers. Grimes and top Artists are spending time & Money on NFTs or Cryptography technology to make the demand of creators, own teams, and earn without doing hard work for any music industry. Top artists are shocked to hear the large earning in just 20 minutes with instant transfer of cash into a bank account. NFTs can give billions of USD to the top investors, creators and developers to make a new strategy of Ai friendly arts & music data. Grimes banked $6 Million USD at once by selling crypto arts and says she’s made more from NFT than from her entire music career of many years.

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