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Solana cryptocurrency going to dump at $5 from $32 after Coinbase, FTX, Binance & USDC row : Crypto news

Solana going to dump at $5?, Are top Exchanges buying Solana during the FTX crash, Solana Will Recover?, Buying Solana during the FTX, USDC or Coinbase crash is good?, Solana is most stable, profitable, smart, and flexible technology, Binance buying Solana for largest Perpetual (FUTURE)?, Liquidation of Solana, Crypto Exchanges vs FTX, Coinbase & Binance. these crypto exchanges are buying the dip of Solana. SEC and CFTC offering FTX services again or destroying FTX?


Solana is the world’s top stable, profitable, smart, and flexible technology-based cryptocurrency where the TPS (Transaction per Second) is above 80,000 from their validators and their proof of staking strategy. The biggest warnings are coming for Solana, FTX, Coinbase, and USDC who can make some complicated strategies behind Liquidations issues and Customer funds which FTX stole and destroyed the future of Solana in a recent early row of falls rate of at least 95% down. Solana’s NFT projects, DeFi, DApps, and Web3 future is going to end with FTX, and other side we can see the biggest gain of the future in Solana after the FTX and SEC issue is solved before the opening of new FTX exchanges amid the SBF’s arrest or bails of future. A lot of developers, creators, holders and NFT collectors have thoughts about the fund’s issue for the SBF’s bail and selling of Solana, BNB, MATIC, and other altcoins can be used in the Bail of SBF who were the owners of Crypto Exchange.

Buying Solana during the FTX, USDC or Coinbase crash is good?

The government & securities are offering new opportunities to FTX crypto exchange which was America’s top crypto exchange after Coinbase, Robinhood, and Kraken. There might be Coinbase, Robinhood, and Kraken selling millions of USD worth of FTX’s holdings in crypto like BNB, Matic & Solana to stabilize their own crypto exchange from the storm of the SEC & FTX crash. Solana may face the biggest economic loss during the crash of FTX and may fall back again to $5 per Solana if there are not community support from NFTs collection, Buyers, Holders, and creators. By the way, the 13th of September 2023, is the biggest day for Solana traders who want to put their all funds into Solana because Solana may recover after the FTX liquidates assets fall and FTX will re-born with new Assets and ideas, but we don’t trust this because Solana’s Market cap is very high than FTX’s holdings.

Are top Exchanges buying Solana during the FTX crash, Solana Will Recover?

Binance, ByBit, Coinbase, Robinhood & Kraken going to take the biggest entry in Solana because they want Solana from the FTX crash and all the Liquidation of Solana to increase the global value of Assets and own crypto exchange. Binance and other Crypto exchanges may empower Solana while buying the dip to increase the Perpetual (FUTURE) quota of their own Crypto Exchanges. In the Early crash of FTX, USDC, and Solana, other crypto exchanges were bought at the Dip of $8.00 per Solana prices bounced back to $32 with the largest new investment in the world’s top blockchain and proof of Stake. Solana is the world’s top limited supply and most powerful Layer 1 blockchain with all of its features and creativity or future of dApps to develop the new future of Blockchain. FTX’s plan of Selling may cause more complications in the future of FTX’s re-born, because all of its holding may go in other hands of Crypto Exchanges.

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