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Runestone NFT collection, top Ordinals inscription on bitcoin, Bitcoin Price falls : RuneStone Airdrop

Why Bitcoin is falling and Runestone or Ordinals NFT collections are prices increasing?, Will Runestone, Ordinals, Solana, and Ethereum prices rise in 2024, Bitcoin Halving and Runestone Bitcoin Inscriptions, Ordinals NFT, Bitcoin Price falls, Bitcoin ETFs, top Ordinals inscription on bitcoin. Top best investing strategy in CryptoCurrency 2024.


Currently, the RuneStone NFTs collection has grown the fastest and fastest on the Bitcoin blockchain and will continue to grow in the future. The Ordinals NFT collection is still the most developed. Currently, after seeing the biggest growth of Runestone, other big NFT collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club, Madlads, and DeGod also have Runestone NFT collection, Runestone Airdrop, and now Ordinals Based Runestone for long-term NFT collecting. In such a situation, the continuous growth of Runestone is now the biggest opportunity for Bitcoin creators, Bitcoin traders, and ordinary investors. However, among all these, the Bitcoin blockchain has become a headache for Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, and Cardano. Whereas Runestone minting cost is around 0.0001 BTC, now RuneStone has made its biggest growth on Bitcoin Blockchain and as of today, the prices of Rune Stone NFTs are hovering around 0.05 BTC. The recent Runestone collection contains a total of 112,400 unique NFTs.  So it is a bit risky to hold Runestone continuously but in the future, if the price of Bitcoin rises above $100K then Runestone will become the biggest opportunity for top Ethereum, Solana, and Tezos NFT collectors who will all be holding Runestone with their own projects.

Why Bitcoin is falling and Runestone or Ordinals NFT collections are prices increasing?

Currently, Ordinals, Runestone, and Cross-chain building are the next biggest challenge to Bitcoin prices due to the arrival of Ordinals, Runestone, and Cross-chain building on the Bitcoin blockchain. where Bitcoin and crypto holders are choosing to keep their investments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana more than Runestone, NFTs, and new projects. But now if Bitcoin Princess pumps in the future, then the values ​​of Runestone, Ordinals, Solana, and Ethereum profits and crypto holders may also increase. Currently, some blockchain data shows that after the introduction of Ordinals and Runestone, daily trades in Bitcoin are now around 416,270 BTC, of ​​which 50% are traded in Ordinals, Lightning Network, and WBTC. Due to all this, NFTs, Crypto, BRC20, and DeFi platforms get huge amounts of fees, commissions, and additional fees. Many creators, blockchain experts, and developers believe that Bitcoin’s price is stable and will fall several times before reaching $100K. Its biggest competitors are Ordinals, Runestone, and BRC20. Because the value of Bitcoin price has seen its biggest growth in the first bull run 2021-22, now after creating huge competition on Bitcoin Blockchain, we will see another huge decline in Bitcoin prices. Because now the Bitcoin whales who simply trade Bitcoin holds, Bitcoin Futures, and Bitcoin are now short on Ordinals, Runestone, and Bitcoin-backed programs in which more NFTs, DeFi, and values ​​are kept in one inscription than the Bitcoin they have. If you believe that Bitcoin’s values ​​are being diversified after the arrival of Ordinals, BRC20, and Runestone, then you are right. Now Runestone is creating many opportunities in its projects like Runestone Airdrop, Low Trading Fees, Giveaways, Developing web3 on Bitcoin, Long-term Rewards, and daily up to 10BTC trades on NFTs.

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