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PayPal’s StableCoin ($PYUSD) chosen Ethereum Blockchain, Why ETH or XRP soon to reach $10000

Ethereum going to reach $10,000 before Bitcoin halving, PayPal investing in ETH blokchain, PYUSD coin of PayPal. Best Stable coin of 2024. Why PayPal should accept Rippe, Polygon, WETH, and USDT?, PayPal ($PYUSD) is not Decentralized and your funds might be Freeze if anything goes wrong, Why Ethereum is not good for the $PYUSD or PayPal?, Top cryptos coins of 2024.


World’s top oldest international payments gateways in USD, EUR, INR, YEN, and the top powerful fiat currencies are accepting the new PayPal-based USD or Gold-backed StableCoin of $PYUSD in Ethereum. ETH is the most powerful blockchain to make new opportunities to the ETF, Safety of Blockchain transactions and instant payments with low costs, and make new lowest fees on PYUSD technology on the Internet. Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Ripple blockchain mostly attract the top companies, banks, AUMs, Startups, and others to make new efficiency on the blockchain to grow with new technologies.

Why Ethereum is not good for the $PYUSD or PayPal?

Ethereum (ETH) Is the most expensive blockchain after the Bitcoin transctions and a large number of projects are runs on Ethereum in Payments, Scalling, Banking, NFTs, Metaverse and top banking-based projects. On Social media or Twitter, Most comments are belonged, that the $PYUSD should accept the XRP, Polygon, Solana, and Cardano to make transaction fees cheaper than Ethereum and Bitcoin.  Most PayPal users thought Ethereum may charge a large amount of Transaction fee at the transaction from USD to ETH, Bitcoin, and other Altcoins.

Why PayPal should accept Rippe, Polygon, WETH, and USDT?

The top Crypto or Digital Asset investors and small investors looking for cheap gas fees to make every transaction with instant completions. Wrapped ETH, Ripple (XRP) & Polygon might help the wide range of investors to make the largest decentralized market cap with a huge number of users. XRP & Polygon are accepted in a lot of banks, Startups, and AUMs to make real-time large numbers of second transactions up to 100,000 per second and helps the global creators of web3, DeFi & Digital Technology.

PayPal ($PYUSD) is not Decentralized and your funds might be Freeze if anything goes wrong.

$PYUSD is not a decentralized stablecoin. Your funds can potentially be frozen, because it’s the under Treasury of PayPal’s authority. $PYUSD are using Ethereum technology to make Decentralized funds holding, fiat/crypto, and have some authority to freeze the funds of unverified or large amount in crypto. 

All the Authority of $PYUSD are backed by programs are centralized technology to provide a Crypto/Fiat gateway to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Altcoins. United States Government, SEC & PYUSD authority can investigate your funds and crypto to fiat cashed-out transactions.

Why is Ethereum going to reach $10,000 Before Bitcoin halving 2024?

The Long term holders are looking to invest in Ethereum’s official Decentralized Wallet to collect the future with long-term investments to keep away their funds from Authorities, and SEC & Stabilize the Crypto Market solutions. Ethereum has a second top market cap with approximately $1 Trillions of USD of last market growth, next Ethereum has still top scientific options and blockchain with Decentralized Security. ETHETF is the top popular chance in EU countries to accept blockchain technology with ETH instead of Bitcoin to burn ETH & Invest to make more limited supply with decentralized holders.

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