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Grayscale & ARK Investing are filed for Bitcoin ETF again to get approved by SEC in 2024

grayscale may have a Bitcoin ETF in 2024, SEC vs Financial situation, ETF experts says GrayScalehas 100% chances to get Approved Bitcoin ETFs in 2025, Securities vs Institutional on Bitcoin, Crypto/Fiat trade in SEC exchanges, SEC on Leverage Bitcoin trading, Top AUMs soon to get Bitcoin ETF in 2024, Decentralized currency, ARK, GrayScale, and BlackRock re-files for the Bitcoin ETF application. Bitcoin price prediction of 2025 at $150K without SEC approval of BlackRock and ARK or GrayScale Bitcoin ETFs.


In Recently, Bitcoin ETF applications of ARK, BlackRock, and top AUMs or Banks are got completely denied or delayed for the next year, because of Decentralized currencies, and no evidence to monitor, taxes and any ways to adopt Bitcoin for top companies or AUMs. Top AUMs or Banks like ARK, GrayScale, and BlackRock are looking for plan B to get approved until 2025. ETF expert Nate Geraci told he sees GrayScale may win their Lawsuit against the SEC leading 100% chances in a long long Bitcoin ETF application.

Assets Under Management are looking to adopt Bitcoin, ETH, and XRP options to add the service of all the Blockchain into a single SEC-approved thing like 2X leverages to make more friendly ties with those companies to invest as a name of Securities, Institutional to behave those as an own CEX. top investors may lose their trillions of Investments or under management funds of the United States when SEC approves the applications of CryptoCurrencies or Bitcoin. 

Stocks, Financial conditions of global banks, ETFs, and Financial corporations may face the biggest loss in the total investment with top AUMs and Banks. GrayScale is ready to file a new ETF application to SEC to get approved in taking off their rules and after a long time to get hearings. Grayscale is working more hard and doing well to get SEC approval than other Banks or AUMs, before the global potential increases on the side of Bitcoin Adoptions.

The new charters are coming in the global Securities and Exchange-traded funds to provide more accessibility to institutional investors and potentially reshape the whole market of CryptoCurrencies. Bitcoin is an independent and Decentralized currency that the SEC can’t stop from their next cycle of $150K USD price of a new All time high. the Experts or Crypto long-term traders are predicting the long-term price of Bitcoin may reach $150K before 2025.

In a few days of petitions, the US Authority of SEC has confirmed to close the approving Bitcoin ETF to all those top banks and AUMs to stabilize the global financial situation. SEC would provide investment services to all those crypto/fiat exchanges to buy or sell Bitcoin or Crypto under the SEC rules on limited customers. A single approval of Single AUMs or Banks may rapidly grow the whole world’s thoughts more green to have a bitcoin instead of their Stocks or Bonds.

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