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Europe’s top France banks are files for Bitcoin ETF with MiCA & Offers Bitcoin trading facility

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European new banks with best Trillions $USD worth of Market Cap & Creating Fund Management are prepared  for the next Bitcoin friendly programs with best new technology to finance their banking system for their new institutional investment or new generation, and financial purposes to secure Bitcoin technology into their Banking holding which is going to be make a new eligible choice for new blockchain investors with own rights of holding cryptos in the future of next generati0n before late to integrate into newly technology.

Top Europe’s French bank ‘CACEIS’ running their official Bitcoin registration forms to offer Bitcoin friendly services, products, Decentralized Finance, Bitcoin & Programmable technology to secure the Blockchain based limited demand to new investors. CACEIS bank is officially headquartered in France, but offers all banking services to whole european cities to allow the users of European Union.

Bitcoin Lightning Network is spreading around the EU (European Union) to make regular payments very easy & faster like ApplePay, AmazonPay, UnionPay & other Mobile payment systems. Bitcoin mostly added in those Banks as a Alternative payment system to manage the global payment systems & EU peoples to payments without Taxes & other fees.

France’s top banks are looking for Bitcoin ETF, Ethereum ETF, Stable Coins & some selected other Cryptos with limited supply and developed on the real decentralized Blockchain in 2023. The top web3 project Coins of Solana, Ethereum, Bitcoin are looking to add Bitcoin friendly projects on Banks to manage Bank’s developments for the future to secure & the invesment funds into blockchains.

France bank CACEIS & other banks of EU are looking to make businesses & ease the trades between EU (European Union) & borderless investment, business, online business on countries developments. In recently, Ukraine’s top investors has invested into EU countries to trade with each other countries. France banks are looking make Stocks/Crypto trade facility with a new pair with firstly on Bitcoin. MiCA regulation cryptos are looking to approves the new banks in EU to make a alternative payment systems for the all the new investors, institutionals & traders.

EU banks are going to create a own Bitcoin & Crypto platfroms for the EU & France customers to increase the global demand of new technology of Blockchain to keep safe with securities under the self custody for banks system. The old Investors of gold are looking for new things like a institutional are thoughts about making their fund or investments, into their control than trusting some banks.

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