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Bitcoin Dropped from $30K to $25K in just 5 minutes after criticism Evergrande, AVAX, Shibarium, SEC, Elon Musk, Unknown Bitcoin sold, Donald Trump

Bitcoin halving price prediction, Bitcoin Bull Run, Shibarium failed, ETH stuck, Evergrande, Elon Musk, SEC pressure on Elon Musk, unknown oldest Bitcoin wallet sold 1100 BTC, Bitcoin dropping at $20K, Real Estate against Bitcoin, Avalanche (AVAX) coin price prediction, stock market falling of Gold, Bonds & Real Estate. Bitcoin wins and Jerome Powell resign, Trump said.


Bitcoin prices dropped historical fall down under 5 minutes with a sudden drop from $30K to $25K in the minutes because of some bad news for Bitcoin and crypto. Shibarium projects have been stuck millions of USD in the bridge of ETH to the Shibarium layer 2 network mainnet. AVAX protocol users and top whales are got cashed out from the Avalanche (AVAX) network. The future Bitcoin may drop down to $20K because of Elon Musk and top Bitcoin holders sold at $25K in worth of approximately $1.17B in minutes.

The oldest Bitcoin wallet sold 1100 BTC this week, Elon Musk sold all Bitcoin for the SEC business partnership decision.

In recent on one week ago, someone found approximately 1100 BTC from any other to XVerse wallet or taproot wallet of Bitcoins, and I think they might be sold that Bitcoin after 13 years of holding. Elon Musk’s SpaceX new SEC filings show they’ve sold their Bitcoin to make new development with SEC to grow the newly born X Corporation. At least $420 Million worth of Bitcoin might be sold by Elon Musk and SpaceX or a member of Elon Musk’s team member to get a future top development with SEC.

Shibarium stuck most ETH & most worth of USD because of during Bridge.

The hardest project was made on Shibarium launch on mainnet with Bridge of ETH-based dependencies to grow on its own Layer 2 Chain of Shiba community. The top developer of Shiba & Shibarium already told to Shibarium it may take more time to release on the mainnet but ETH Bridgers got stuck in ETH & Shibarium during the first bridge of Shibarium. Some Shiba or Shibarium developer or creators are still facing issues with the underdevelopment of Shibarium and the new Layer 2 chain on Ethereum are not completed helpfully announce a new Layer 2 split blockchain of Ethereum with Cross chain at Shibarium.

Top Real Estate China’s Evergrande stock & Global Real Estate are falling, and Chinese Evergrande needs United States aid to save from bankruptcy.

China’s top real estate company filed for the Bankruptcy with United States to bring new financial aid from the United States and Chinese investors. The top real estate companies in the world including Evergrande stock and top real estate are rapidly falling with their own global pairs of investors. Top investors are recently affected by more Gold, Bonds & Real Estate markets of the world. Evergrande is falling in China & their global investments look like completely destroyed its value of financial.

Is Bitcoin Bull run coming before Bitcoin Halving?

When the Bitcoin price was at $30K, everyone is saying that the new bull run had come but most research, charts, and investments are not completely supporting Bitcoin’s long journey because of SEC, ETFs, Elon Musk, Unknown Bitcoin found, BlackRock, Global Financial conditions, institutions, Bitcoin banned in PayPal UK, Top countries are looking to make own mining facility for their civilians to reach the holds of Bitcoin but USD and top companies are still in confusion with Bitcoin Economy. There are Bitcoin bull technically looks bad and may drop down to $20K USD and the Share Market value of new IPOs, Mutual funds, and securities are too falling because of Bitcoin. Most crypto and Stock traders are using both sides of income sources like leverage, Altcoins, and investing with digital instant facilities.

Jarome Powell, Trump, SEC Chair, Chinese Bitcoin Investments, Bitcoin Based USD, Elon Musk does not respect the SEC, Trump Promotes Bitcoin in next election campaign of 2024.

Bitcoin price may be stable if there is no more negativity in SEC to approve BTC & ETH Futures ETFs and Trump said, They wouldn’t reappoint Fed Chair Jerome Powell to have a Chair against Bitcoin and new technologies, the Chinese government may take over on Bitcoin if the USA does late in ETFs. Elon Musk already told about SEC and they did not respect them anymore and now because of Rules and Regulation difficulty. Trump and the Democratic party’s new Presidential Candidate are looking to provide BitcoinETFs to the United States to integrate new financial technology. 

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