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X publisher face huge de-monetization, US Politics, US Companies amid Advertisers & Elon Musk Tension

Earn Money at home on Twitter, X/Twitter accounts lose monthly or daily earnings, US Companies, Politics, and Startups are getting lost in business campaigns in the USA and abroad?, Twitter Creators, publishers, Journalists, Most followed X/Twitter de-monetizations, Israel-Gaza war and twitter earnings, US Companies, Organizations, Politics will re-join Twitter/X for advertising, marketing, or promotions.


Currently, there is a lot of tension between Elon Musk and advertisers because many big companies are supporting Elon Musk in the midst of the dispute between Elon Musk, Israel, Gaza, and US companies. Many companies are also supporting Elon Musk on the other side. Because if any country has been affected by the war going on between Israel and Hamas, it is the US. Currently, almost 70% of the companies in the US have broken their advertising, marketing, and promotions-related deals on X/Twitter due to Elon Musk’s stance on IsraelGaza. Due to the ongoing tension between Elon Musk and advertisers, creators, publishers, and writers can also lose their accounts, monetization, and income sources in this tension across the world. Even Elon Musk has also openly said that if advertisers care so much about the difference between my truth and lie then they should not do advertising, marketing, or promotions on X/Twitter again because Twitter/X is a truth that Has been made. In this situation, Twitter has created a paid campaign for Blue, addiction features, in which you can pay some USD to get verified. but maybe Elon Musk can freeze all the accounts of those companies which is related to Currently in tension with Elon Musk. 

will Twitter Creators, publishers, Journalists, Most followed X/Twitter accounts lose their monthly or daily earnings?

All this may happen for a short time because X, US Companies, US Politicians, and Foreign Relations are also in a lot of tension. It is clear that Elon Musk is going to lose a lot of advertising revenue after the next 1 week but it will not make any difference to Elon Musk because due to all these, he has started Twitter/X paid subscriptions. All the other Twitter/X in the US are such platforms that are considered essential for Companies, Organizations, Politics, and every trend. Elon Musk will not suffer that much loss from advertisers because if the Israel-Gaza war continues like this, US companies like Biden and Blinken will consider it a failure because for now, their target is Elon Musk. Now if the Israel-Gaza war continues till the time of the US elections then maybe Twitter/X will start getting support from big companies. Because then the race will be for Trump or the Democratic party, no companies will want their business to be banned globally due to a change in government, like what has happened to Elon Musk and Twitter today. Anyway, if Twitter/X is completely shut down or Elon Musk sells it back for less money, then only the US people, the US Government, Politicians, and US Companies are at a loss.

Why US Companies, Politics, and Startups are getting lost in business campaigns in the USA and abroad?

Anyway, recently Elon Musk’s direction is now on Tesla, SpaceX, and Boeing, so every such company wants to keep their advertising campaigns running. All the same, due to the IsraelGaza war, only US companies are incurring loss and profit because, since this war, Elon Musk has been pointing the finger at losses from both sides. All the same, Elon Musk and his Twitter/X facing a huge loss but there are also losses for all companies in Abroad and the US. Because apart from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, there is no other platform for digital advertising.

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