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Top blogging keywords on NFTs, Web3 and crypto in 2023 to Monetize your web3

Top blogging keywords on NFTs, Web3 and crypto in 2023, Top Sold NFTs, Top Coin on ETH, Solidity, Blockchain, Ai generated Arts, NFT Community, Monetize your web3 sites. Ai Blogging on Sites, Web3 Domains, Blogging keywords & Digital Collectibles.


Most number of new NFT technology and Crypto or blockchain related Blogging are growing with the best keywords and PPC (Pay Per Clicks) & PPR (Pay Per Results) advertising are new blogging keywords to integrate your audiances into NFT & Cryptography keywords. The Way of new decentralized monetization on your web3 blogging site or web3 niches keywords on the around world.

You can earn directly from new web3 domains, NFTs & Online Digital Collectible from your own computers or mobiles to explains your crypto holders or NFT community. The Digital collectibles are made a lot of opprotunity for the web3 login or wallet connections. There are only one single wallet to access the new generation of Interenet from your Investment or creating the NFT Community from your own Decentralized ecosystem of OrdinalsNFTs, Solana, Ethereum, Avalanche, Tezos, Polygon and other blockchain.

In the future, Most number of Blogging or micro blogging sites will integrate the partnership or makes it own web3 business and little bit knowledge of NFTs, Blockchain, Virtual Mining of Bitcoin, Validators or other web3 applications creativity.

How to Start blogging on web3 & NFTs?

There are no more attractions on the NFT Blogging because of lower value on the Search Console or mostly the traffic of an NFT, CryptoCurrencies related posts and publications are on the Twitter, Linkedin & Reddit. There has only 5% total users of a upcoming industry of Blockchain. We can create the web3 from here to start a big jouney on their ecosystem, validators, Mining, Minting NFTs, Solana & Ethereum or other your selected Smart Contracts or other developing guides on the new ProofOfOwnership, Proof-of-Mining, ProofofHistory and Proof-of-Stakes.

The Most things we must learn about all the ProofOfValidating transactions and Proof-of-Holdings to grow the industry from start to end untill we learnt more about the new generation of Internet Connectivity of A Users Accounts, Users Wallet & User Login base from Wallet or ENS (Web3) domains.

If you are making a site for starting at Web3 instruments, you should have a web2 domain like .com or .org which can gives you a perfect jouney for your web3 domain which are not allowed yet on google to see or develop like you making a WordPress or other CMS site.

Top NFT or Web3 Keywords for Blogging.

The Most number of traffic about that websites whos writing for their content writing journey, your should learn all about the Web3 Domains, Top Creators, Top MarketCap of NFT or Crypto Industry. Also we must learn about Top NFT MarketPlaces, Royality of Creators, Minting OptionsTop Sold NFTs including BoredApeYatchClub or DeGod who recently migrated (Via Solana Bridge) into Ethereum  and made a new history with thier community.

The Most Learning things are belongs to Solidity Programming Language, Solana Metaplex, Polygon RPC URL, NFT API, Decentralized Storage, Blockchain Explorer or Scanner, DApp Developments and other Web3 Stuffs to start a journey of creating somehting new with Blockchain technology.

Finally, You should start a website for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Solana to start writing on these NFTs, tokens or coin to See the pump or promote on your other advertising platforms, but 75% platforms are not allowed to advertise the Web3 Ecosystem but if we trust on it we can make the new world easier from using diffrent kinds of Technology or Writing on Medium with a short descriptions to grow your traffic from other ways of Writing experiances.

Grow your own community members and earn from those via creating a NFT collection or Own Tokens to Airdrop with your community. If you have minimum 1000 Followers or Visitors of your site, there will be big option to partnership with other projects to power your community and your monetization system of web3.

You can have a Free Domain or Paid domains where you can write all about your projects on the web3 and get some traffic related strategy on the web3 based domain name system. You can advertise your new web3 blogs on the Google Search, Twitter & Instagram whose recently accepted the NFT and Crypto related Advertising or marketings.

On the Web3 Sites, you can get Monetization options from CoinZilla or for your websites or make your own any of these project on the web3 including Gaming, Ai, Artworks or Liqudity pools to add more community members with zero fees to earn for long term web3 earnings.


Top Web3, NFT, Crypto related Keywords are trends on Google.

The Top Keywords on the Google & Bing are mostly used for NFTs, Bitcoin & Ethereum based Projects to write many Articles on these Keywords to take a big entry in market of Blockchain Web3.

You can select these keywords like, Crypto, Web3, NFTCollection, BoredApe, NFT Project, Solana, Ethereum, pixilart, digital art, nft monkey, artwork, fine arts, fine arts, ai generated art & Bitcoin Ordinals to start a big journey on the web3 Bloggings.

The Most Number of Keyword you should use the Ai related Blogging who can used with Blockchain and Web3 to integrate your project with both Future based Instructions. The Ai Generated Keywords are mostly used or too Ai (artificial intelligence) in the group of web3 or Robotic or Mechanism.


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