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Learn typescript language to earn $100K monthly at home : Freelancing Jobs

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There are big roles for TypeScript in mostly new websites, applications, blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and other programs that can decide the good future for you. Nowadays most companies are demanding TypeScript than Bootstrap, Javascript, and JAVA which is very important for Blockchain, AI, Metaverse, Application Scalability, Tooling, and quality of codes. Salaries for TypeScript developers start around $200,000 and can go up to $1M in the blockchain era. Although many students, developers, and creators use Python, JavaScript, JAVA, and PHP to the exclusion of other programming languages, TypeScript can take the new generation of the internet much further. TypeScript has always been considered a successful high-level programming language by big companies. Because it is considered to be the best programming language after C#, C++, and C and in the future other companies like Microsoft, Google, and IBM will open new development opportunities for the developers of TypeScript.

Why TypeScript programmer’s salary will increase?

Reducing bugs, productivity value, and maintainability are quite easy in TypeScript which is not the case in every programming language and the salary of TypeScript developers is quite high for these features. In such a situation, there is very good connectivity for TypeScript, hence there are mostly chances for the salary of TypeScript developers and programmers to increase. Among all the top companies in the world, the salaries of TypeScript (TS) developers have always been the highest. It is suitable for onchain, offchain, community, DeFi, Metaverse, and additional tools written by TypeScript developers. Most TypeScript excellent tooling support, including IDE integration, are also required for code completion like Binary, scalable, React, Angular, and Vue.js.

Learning typescript, Python, Machine Learning, react, Blockchain, and typescript developer salary in 2024.

If you are learning TypeScript and trying for jobs then you can get jobs online, remote, at home, and in companies. TypeScript provides various other features, like interfaces, type aliases, abstract classes, function overloading, tuples, generics like blockchain, and programs like Web3 which are also quite worthy. Especially if you want to have high code quality and low bug rates, you can charge a lot of money for quality code, improvements, and debugging. The hourly salary of an advanced TypeScript developer can increase to approximately $65 to $100 if companies like IBM, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Apple integrate Blockchain and AI technology.

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