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How Twitter will increase your SEO Rank, DA, PA and Website Traffic from Google, Bing and Yandex? : Website SEC 2024

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Recently, X  rebranded identity as Twitter programs have created huge opportunities for SEO, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Ranking, and website because recently we have seen on many websites that Twitter is the biggest for Organic Search or Articles playing a role. Because currently we and SEO thought that through Google Search, Google News, and Backlink, DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority), and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on our websites increases, but Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin are the most important platforms which share posts and articles without Google. , Bing and Yandex can get millions of visitors. Well, the method we are using now is how to gain website traffic by writing news and articles from Twitter sources. We believe that by sharing the posts of our articles on Twitter and X, we get traffic, this is also true but if you do not have followers on any social media then how will you get traffic from Twitter? – So what should you do about that? – So there are new ways that you should try on Twitter to bring traffic, and increase your views and followers.

Why Twitter top top-followed person will give you the best SEO rank and rank in Google Webmaster?

implement embedding top posts in your website’s articles to gain massive website or blog traffic from the followers who follow them and read their news and articles. Well, there are many people who keep searching for top-followed Twitter accounts and their related posts on Google, Bing, and Yandex which are about them. If you are writing a blog then you should also add your Interlinking to your big Twitter accounts so that you can get a new organic growth for you. Recently people have been searching more for big activists, journalists, writers and post creators like @Example on Twitter.  Because sometimes companies like Google, and Twitter suspend their Twitter or Facebook accounts for some reason and the followers of a person’s account always search for their username to find the sources and websites in which all their Google accounts are related’s related posts reach their followers. Recently X banned Trump’s account and on Twitter, Trump’s followers posted Trump’s old posts, embedded links, and proofs on his website even on such websites, Google and Bing started ranking Trump’s posts higher than his. Because every time you embed the account of a big follower on your website, your website also gets a higher rank due to their links and Twitter account proof.

For Example, see how Google ranks your articles if Twitter’s Profile and links are on your site.

The niche content you are seeing is seen on a website whose page authority and content SEO rank are also continuously increasing due to this content. The backlink and embedded Contents of this Twitter content have made his website reach his followers. So if you are running a news site, you should take the help of accounts like Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin so that your site can grow along with them. By the way, most of news, blog, and article viewers are using Twitter, and if your content mentions any Twitter news and updated articles then would be better to improve the quality of the websites.

We have given you an example above which means that if your website link from any big Twitter active persons or embedded content link is on your website or blog then your Domain Authority, Page Authority, and SEO rank will keep increasing day by day. Just like you will see the post of your niche that your posts have been posted on some website, then if your followers also search Google with your name, you will also get the same rank. So in such a situation, you should fetch the contents of the website with your website so that Google also gets big backlinks and your user engagement time also increases.

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