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A blogger earn $150K USD a month using Google Trends, AdSense and Google News : Blogging Income

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Sometimes new bloggers, content writers, and digital marketers think that it is a dream that earning so much money from blogging and news websites is very difficult, but there are some new bloggers who make their first income of almost $500 in just 3 months. But this is not a dream, it is a reality that in 2016 a person had opened a news and blogging site in his college life. Well, there are many ways to earn money in the internet world like blogging, creating news articles, content and images, and doing SEO. If you have been doing content writing for at least 5 years or are writing various types of articles, reviews, tech, and news-related articles on your own website, then both Google Trends and Google News can be quite beneficial for you.

Earn Monthly $100K using Free SEO tools, SEO keywords, Google Trends, and Google News in 2023.

He has also sent a lot of proof and told how he has earned $120k in just one month through tech, news, and Google trends.  There are always many websites writing news, tech, blogs, and top trending articles, but among many websites, one website is ranked in such a way that the traffic in one day is almost 1M+ and the earnings in one day are only through Google AdSense, Up to $20,000 is possible. Many websites use SEMRush and keyword research tools but if you can earn millions of USD in free SEO tools then it is also true that you can rank your website by using free SEO tools and increase the Domain Authority, Backlinks, and Organic search of your website. News sites and tech sites have always given maximum importance to featured images, Unique articles, and Targeted countries, from where you can easily earn at least $10,000 without wasting money on SEO and keyword research tools. 

Will AdSense, Google Trend, or Google News suspend your Rank and Income?

For the first time in any news or blogging site, there are always chances of AdSense suspension and reduced income because after ranking every website, such an update comes in Google AdSense, Google News, and Organic SEO tools which suddenly stops ranking your site. There is a possibility of stopping the ranking of the site, therefore, always place limited ads, focus on SEO, and focus on knowledge of income and SEO keywords. If your site gets more traffic then you should always look for Backlinks, SEO, article updates, and Organic Search if you are running a single website. But if you are maintaining multiple websites, then if you are getting organic traffic from one website, then you should add backlinks to your other websites also so that the traffic of your website can rank on multiple websites and AdSense of any one website or Due to the suspension of Google News, the income of other websites will remain dependent.

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