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Are France and Russia going to get trapped in Ukraine? : Russia-Ukraine War

Will France lose Ukraine, Europe, and NATO against Russia?, Africa Vs France, Putin in Ukraine, NATO Vs Russia In Ukraine. Will US, UK and France sends Troops to Ukraine to fight Russia?


In recent scenarios, mostly war and defense experts have predicted that France and Russia are ready to begin a new NATO Vs Russia War in Ukraine to create new global conflicts between the global economy, defense, and finance. In this Current situation, Russia and France are going mostly to direct war between Europe and Russia to make new trouble for the European Union and NATO. although, France has failed in their geopolitics, foreign policy, and foreign strategy in African countries because of Russia, China and BRICS. Due to this France and Russia are now bent on fighting war in Ukraine. Which, to a great extent, can become a problem for economics, defense, finances, and trade between Europe, NATO, and Russia in the future. Anyway, in these few months, Europe, NATO, and the US have lost their Foreign Opportunities in the Middle East, Africa, South America, IndoPacific, and Ukraine. In the current position of the UkraineRussia war, France is taking the biggest entry against Russia in Ukraine to challenge Russian Security and win the Ukraine instead of African Countries. France’s steps will push the whole NATO countries into war with Russia. Due to this, not only US, NATO, and Europe will suffer losses but the economic and financial condition of the entire world may deteriorate.

Will France lose Ukraine, Europe, and NATO against Russia?

Recently, France’s election is coming near, the Ukraine War is expanding, and sanctions on Russia are mostly impacting the European Union. France’s invasion of Ukraine is different from pushing NATO into war, but in the future, if the US and UK also come in support of France, then it is clear that a NATO vs Russia war can be waged in Ukraine. So in such a situation, there will be no direct war between France and Russia, but the armies of France and Ukraine can directly attack Russia from Ukraine. Similarly, Russia will also not directly attack France or any NATO countries. And Russia can retail Ukraine’s army to France and Ukraine but the Russian Army will not be sent to Poland or any NATO countries. However, France and Russia can fight a direct war in Ukraine like they fought in Syria and Iraq last time. Due to all these, there will be no special action by NATO due to France and Russia’s direct war in Ukraine but if Russia directly attacks NATO countries then Article 4 of NATO can be invoked. NATO countries will not send their troops to France and Russia to the war going on in Ukraine because like before, the European Union has lost some trust in France after the African coup.

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