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Air India to be banned in Canada over the Khalistan issue? Did Canada-India get worse diplomatic and political relations?

Is Canada supporting Khalistan or Rights or freedom in any country and civilians?, are Air India and All Indian flights going to be banned in Canada-India travel?, Did Canada-India get worse diplomatic and political relations?, Canada Vs India in geopolitics, G20, Air India banned, Plane Crash of 1985, Hardeep Singh Nijjar.


The Issues between India & Canada are rapidly increase due to Khalistani, Sikh Justice, and Punjab over the freedom of rights in world’s top rights country named Canada. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and India’s PM Narendra Modi visited and handshake for the diplomatic and business relations between Canada and India to improve the strategic partnership in between India and Canada over the G20 summit of Delhi. Canada’s Democracy is trapped in a row of Khalistan, Sikh Justice, and Indian relationships because this is the first oldest issue just made a new sourness in between India-Canada relationship on the issues of HardeepSinghNijjar in a plane crash or explosion where at least 329 People killed in AirIndia.

Is Canada supporting Khalistan or Rights or freedom in any country and civilians?

India & Canada blames and rejects the Claims of responsibility for the Air India plane crash in early 1985, That’s a global issue regarding the rights and injustice for the Sikh and Indian relationships. Canada & India are trapped in a relationship between Canada’s top political party called New Democratic Party is the most popular Sikh Politician in Canadian Democracy and Sikh Of India also joined the NDP and Khalistani referendum of 2025. In 1982, India had urged Canada when Trudeau’s father Pierre Trudeau was the PM during the Air India plane crash and India authority urged to PM of Canada to hand over Babbar Khalsa Talwinder Parmer but Pierre Trudeau didn’t as per the Indians said. India rejected the blame of Canada on India for the Plane Crash of 1985 where the top Sikh Justice Hardeep Singh Nijjar and other 324 other people were killed in an Air India crash. India’s authority says the Khalistani places a bomb in Air India and another side the Khalistani & Sikh Justice claims India Intentionally had an airplane crash to kill Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

are Air India and All Indian flights going to be banned in Canada-India travel?

By the way, this is a global issue with Canada-India due to Khalistani and Indian perspective but we should know how the Air India flights will be affected to fly Canada. Air india is becoming a final option to show the truth about who exactly done there strategy against any country or their passengers. Canada & India are blaming each other countries because of recent issues in Canada’s politics, Indian politics, and old cases in the Canadian judiciary. From the Indian perspective, Indias see how Canada deeply supports Khalistan, and from Sikh Canada’s perspective, Canada’s become the biggest victim of Air India Plane Crashes. India claims Trudeau failed to take action against terrorists who are threatening Indian diplomats and the embassy in Canada but hypocritically blames India for the killing of the same terrorists. Actually, Canada has the global right to protest, and freedom of speech from anywhere, but in this matter India-Canada become a global political and diplomatic enemy for each other rights to defeat.

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