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Aditya L1 satellite NASA’s biggest competitors of the Sun mission of the US & India, Why ISRO need Sun Mission?

Aditya L1 is next sun mission of ISRO, NASA & ISRO making something big in Space, top space agencies of world. Sun Mission of NASA & ISRO, Why AdityaL1 is most important mission of Sun, Best Space Agency in Solar System.


The Aditya L1 mission of an Indian space satellite about the Sun and the Solar System increased the global demand for Indian space scientists across the world after the Chandrayaan-3 successfully landed on the Moon with soft landing at the south pole of the Moon. NASA’s scientists are looking to tie up with the Indian Space program to make their own partnership Space Station in Space to focus on the Sun and the Future with the Sun to share millions of Thoughts with our Civilians and the people of Earth. Upcoming Sun space programs of Indian space technology are looking for the become a new competitor of NASA & China who looking something big rather than Moon landing, Mars & monitoring space.

Sun is the next mission of India of 2025, Secrete information with NASA & International Space Station.

On the 2nd of September Indian Space Agency (ISRO) against sending a new Sun Mission with Aditya L1 to monitor the Space with Sun to recieve sharp information from the Sun to handle the future of the Sun & Earth or Solar System to monitor the impending danger on Earth. NASA & International Space Station may make its own SUN mission with ISRO, NASA, SpaceX, Roscosmos, and Chinese Space Station. The main aim of ISRO’s Sun mission is to study the dynamics, nature, forecast, hotness, earth rotation, and space weather of the Sun.

Why is Aditya L1 Mission most important for the energy, weather, and future effects on Earth?

ISRO mission about Aditya L1 is the most important mission to reach the Sun with approximately 2 Million or below 2 Million KM from the Earth to research the future of the Sun and Make a new mission with Mars and tie up with NASA and the International space station. Indian Satellites and Spaces designed L1 will study the spacecraft to the solar atmosphere. Actually, Indian Space wants to find out what NASA doing there how long they have researched and studied about the Sun and its gravities to Earth, and how the world can get massive energy in the future from the Sun to Earth with Renewable and solar energy. NASA is warning all about the future’s changes on earth and over the solar system to US & American Space Station to the world but the Indian ISRO also sending its own Aditya L1 and research and warn the Indian Space Agency to the world with their study about the future.

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