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US & Russia may send large troops to Israel or Jerusalem if Hezbollah, Iran, Syria, and Iraq enter the war in Gaza: Israel-Palestine War

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Every day and Every minute the biggest developments in PalestineIsrael news are coming from Gaza, Israel, and world leaders to support each other civilians, Soldiers, and Country. After the Surprise Rocket Launched against Israel and the aggression of Hamas Militants, made the world’s one top socking day. however, we should share both sides of concerns instead of Israel and Palestine, because the days are faced by both citizens including Gazans and Israelis. In this situation, everyone supports each other and does everything possible to stop the war but recently Hamas stated that they want to negotiate with Israel and for this negotiation, they have made a big attack on Israel. They said that Israel’s PM had given his own land of Gaza and Palestine to Israel at the UN. Now, the US sending aircraft, B52 Bombers and maybe in the future US will help with the largest weapons and equipment to israel, but some sources say the US will not be involved indirectly in war with Israel-Gaza and the Middle East. It seems that this fighting may spread to Jerusalem and the West also.

Why US and Russia’s support to Israel and Gaza create a new war zone in Israel?

If America gives military support to Israel then perhaps Russia, Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon will also support Hezbollah and Hamas. However, the source also believes that although Israel is targeting the common people, Hamas is still firing rockets at Israel. As you probably know, the situation in Syria was similar to what had been done by America, Iran, and Russia. However, there is a lot of difference between the ongoing Syrian war and today’s war between Hamas and Israel. In the first war, Pakistan, Lebanon, Egypt or 7 Islamic countries were not geographically not considered necessary to Israel, which gave full support to the US, and in this war, only a few movements and information of the countries can be seen. But after the Syrian war, the Middle East has become completely confined economically and geographically and the amount of foreign involvement that took place in the Syrian war was never seen in any country even in the world war.

Why Gaza and Palestine is not Ukraine, can the Israel-Arab war begin again?

Such as Qatar, Iran, Afghanistan, Hezbollah, Russia, China, Venezuela, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, and many other countries have been newly added. By the way, America’s enemies will take action against America and Israel’s enemies will take action against Israel. Because after the IsraelArab War, many changes were seen in the world. Due to the BRICS, and NATORussia proxy war, many countries, mostly South America and Africa, have been divided into two parts. And America, Europe, Iran, and Russia know very well that this war can affect the whole world as much as it did in World War 2. Therefore no country will clash indirectly. Well, the soldiers of Iraq, Syria, Turkey, NATO, and Russia are well aware of the Syrian war, so this war is not a big deal for them. And now many countries are saying that Iran, Qatar, and Arabia are completely funding Hamas and Hezbollah for their own benefit. By the way, how far this war can go, we can estimate how powerful Hamas and Iran have become by firing 5,000 rockets from Hamas at Israel.

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