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Terrible Plan of IDF, Netanyahu, and Mossad in Middle East : Israel-Gaza War

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Due to the war between Israel and Hamas, many countries are eyeing Hezbollah, Iran, Russia, America, NATO, and Yemen. Here everyone has different plans, like Netanyahu wants to eliminate Hamas and there is also the question of his chair. On the other side is Mossad which failed for the first time during the attack of Hamas. The Third is IDF (Israel Defense Force) which wants to carry out its operations inside Gaza in the right way so that no civilian is killed in Gaza except Hamas. Because of all these, these can be very sad days for Israel’s defense forces and the country, because Iran and its proxies are busy making bigger preparations.

Why are Israel-Arab relations so important?

The IDF is strengthening its positions along the Lebanon border and in Gaza. Apart from this, for now, we have not come to Mossad but he is also in the mood to go and talk to countries like Qatar to improve the relations between Israel and Arabs in the Middle East. They want this war to be like the Syrian War so that they are successful in keeping Israel’s economy, investments, technology, and trade running. At That time, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Arab countries had always been America and Israel’s allies in the Syria war, but this time the war is taking place on Israel’s and Arab soil, so this is the most complicated matter for the relations between Israel. Why do Saudi Arabia and UAE need an Israeli Army against Houthi and Iranian proxy?

Why does Mossad need better Relationships in Middle Eastern Countries?

Right now, Israel’s Netanyahu, IDF and Mossad are all moving in the same direction, but if this war lasts forever, there will be a situation like Sanctions and Worst Economic Ties on Israel by Israel’s Opposition parties and International Laws. But it depends on Netanyahu and IDF whether Israel will be successful in eliminating Hamas or will it just immerse the whole world in the shadow of war. For now, Mossad is working in a completely different way in which it wants to reach an understanding between Qatar, Israel, America, and Iran and prevent as much war as possible. In the last few days, Hamas and Iran also agreed to negotiate. If Hezbollah and Iranianbacked groups come to this war then the whole world will forget about negotiations and Israel and Gaza will suffer the most. Even Western countries and America are supporting Israel by taking the prisoners, but if Hamas frees the prisoners of America and the world then in such a situation no country will jump into this war. And then Israel will have to fight this war alone and Israel is probably not as powerful as Russia and America but can fight a war for 25 years.

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