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Israel will send Troops to Saudi Arabia and UAE during Houthi Crisis in Yemen.

Why are Israel and the US sending troops to UAE and Saudi Arabia?, Saudi Arabia spend on Israeli and America Military, IMEC Economic Corridor failed of Europe, US and Middle East, Why are China, Russia, and Iran together Against the USA, Israel, Middle East?, America, Saudi Arabia, Israel and UAE coming together?


The biggest threat posed by the IsraelHamas war is UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Israel, where the Houthi rebels have continuously fired missiles at Israel. The firing of these missiles may also be a failure on one side of Saudi Arabia, which has caused a lot of problems between the Saudi Arab Army and Yemeni Forces in the face of Houthi opposition. But on the other hand, Yemen’s Army and Houthi are creating a situation of equality against Israel, it seems as if both of them are against Israel in front of the Government of Yemen. So it seems that if Israel and America support Saudi Arabia and UAE then there will be more attacks on Israel. Because the Houthis are against Saudi Arabia and UAE and they believe that just as we are against Israel and America’s presence in the Middle East, in the same way, other countries are becoming very close to America and Israel.

Why are Israel and the US sending troops to UAE and Saudi Arabia?

Both Saudi Arabia and UAE are in support of Palestine but as much as Iran’s proxies are waging war against Israel, in the same way, Saudi Arabia and UAE are creating space for Israel. So somewhere Houthi, Iran, and Yemen believe that UAE and Saudi Arabia have a hand in destroying Palestine, Yemen, Iraq, and Syria. If in the coming time, Saudi Arabia and UAE will come close to Israel and America in this current crisis, this could be Iran’s biggest step in the Middle East. And Saudi Arabia and UAE want that Israel’s presence in the Middle East is good for them but helping the Palestinians is also important for them.

Why are China, Russia, and Iran together Against the USA, Israel, Middle East?

Meanwhile, Russia, China, and Iran are making moves against Israel because they believe that Israel is the real face of America’s survival in the Middle East. On one hand, Saudi Arabia needs America and Israel, on the other hand, openly supporting Israel and America is no less than a threat to Saudi Arabia and UAE. America, Israel, and Saudi Arabia have already lost a lot in the Syrian war but Saudi Arabia does not have any such powers in its hands so that it can spread its business in Arab countries because of Iran’s Surrounded in Middle east. And on the other hand, IMEC corridor plays a big role in the world economy and due to the actions of Iran and Hamas, all the plans and future economic corridors of Saudi and UAE were destroyed.

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