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Spain Pressures EU Countries to Recognize Palestine State During War : Israel Palestine War

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Spain is a country that has considered Free Palestine and Palestine State an independent country for the last many years. Recently, Spain has tried hard to get EU, NATO, and Middle Eastern countries to declare Palestine an independent state and strengthen as many diplomatic, economic, and business relations as possible. After Spain and Ireland, other EU countries like France, the UK, and Germany also seem to be changing because they also want to live between the Middle East and Europe. Because Spain has recently said that it is likely to be the biggest casualty of the European Union in a war between Israel and Palestine and Spain wants a twostate solution between Israel and Palestine. Spain has openly said that if European Union countries do not take any action then Madrid can take its own decision to recognize Palestine. At the same time, this step of Spain will also affect Ireland and other EU countries because they can also make their own decision regarding Palestine Recognition without the EU’s permission. Top countries in BRICS, EU, and IMEC to recognize Palestine.

Why European Union under Pressure from EU countries to recognize Palestine State?

However, by supporting Palestine, Spain is not supporting China, Russia, Iran, and Africa but is taking a historical step. There has been conflict between Israel and Palestine for many years and this conflict is not between any two countries but can harm the entire region. Anyway, Spain also has relations with Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, and Iraq. to say that in Europe Spain, Ireland, Greece, Sweden, Malta, Cyprus, Iceland, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, and Romania, are the countries which are considered to be supporting Palestine. instead of Israel no matter how much relations they have with Israel. Spain has also been friendly with African, Arab, Islamic, and European countries for years, but now if Spain and other countries put pressure on the EU, there will be pressure on the EU from countries around the world to find a solution to the Israel-Gaza war.

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