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Europe, BRICS & US to Recognize Palestine as a State : Israel-Gaza War

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Currently, due to the IsraelGaza war, I have come out with a big update that other EU countries Spain, Ireland, Norway, Malta, Cyprus, Poland, Sweden, France, and Romania now want CeaseFire and 2 Two State solution. According to this, declare the independent path of Palestine. Recently, in the ongoing Israel-Gaza war, many countries that used to consider Israel as a state are not recognizing Israel and this conflict on their behalf. It seems that if this war continues for a long time, Israel may have to lose its own friendly countries at the international level.

Recently, bad news for Israel has come from Ireland, Spain, Greece, Norway, Sweden, and South American countries. Many countries are boycotting Israel politically, economically, and diplomatically, and are refusing to accept Israel as a democratic country. Because in response to whatever Israel has done to the common people in Gaza, the reaction of the whole world is going against Israel. In this way, countries like Spain, Russia, and Ireland have always supported ‘Free Palestine’ and it is believed that EU, Latin America, and Middle East countries will not be able to support Israel more in the long run.

Right now, many countries have given a strong warning to the countries giving arms to Israel in the Islamic meetings that if they give arms then Gaza, the West Bank, and the Golan Heights will face a new situation from Israel’s side. Israel and Western countries are calling Hamas a terror, but Europe and America politically consider Hamas as ‘Freedom Fighters‘ because they believe that Israel is including Gaza, the West Bank in its map.

Whatever Hamas attacked Israel was a terrorist attack but what Israel is now doing in Gaza and the West Bank is a very bad step according to Israel’s foreign policy. Europe has also suffered a lot in the Ukraine-Russia war but now it seems that only the EU, the US, and the Middle East can take any step against Israel to end this war. In such a situation, the only reason for the end of the war between Israel and Hamas is the American and Western pressure that can be exerted on the future of Israel.

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