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Mass Release of Palestinians from Israeli Prison, Israel Gaza Ceasefire : Israel Hamas War

Why IDF Releasing Thausands of Palestinian from Israeli Prison?, Israel gaza Ceasefire, Hezbollah Israel War, netanyahu Vs Yoav Gallant, IDF Vs Knesset.


Recently, Shifa Hospital Director Mohammad Abu Salmiya was released from Israeli jail after almost 7 months, due to which Palestinians are gaining more hope. Recently, Israel has planned to release many nurses, innocent women, doctors, teachers, other workers, and children from its prison. Due to this, now some sources say that by the end of 2024, Israel will release almost many Palestinians from its jails who had no involvement in the attack on October 7. Now due to rumors of the Hezbollah and Lebanon war, it is being said that Israel can station its entire army from Gaza on the Golan Heights and Lebanon Border. Now Israel has also accepted that it cannot fight Hezbollah like Hamas and Gaza because Hezbollah is considered to be almost 10X more powerful than Hamas and hence Israel does not want the people of Palestine in the Gaza and Lebanon war. But despite all this, there is no pressure on Israel from ICJ, UN, and ICC to release civilians, innocent women, doctors, and aid workers from Israeli Prisons. Secondly, it will be very difficult to unite Israel and Palestine against Hamas and Hezbollah and if the war keeps escalating like this, Palestinian Resistance forces will also start supporting Hezbollah and Hamas in Northern Israel. However, at larger Protests in Israel, a ceasefire deal demand is being made with Hamas, which means that now the Israeli people are also moving towards regional peace.

Why is Gallant Going to Release Thousands of Palestinians from Israeli Prison?

By the way, we had told earlier also that relations between Israeli politics and the army can deteriorate. And now this is visible because now it seems that there could be a lot of Worse Situation between Netanyahu and Gallant. It seems that the IDF may carry out a major coup and takeover inside Israel in the future. Because many Israeli defense and politicians believe that in the future all of the Palestinians held in Israeli prisons in the West Bank and Gaza can now be released. Recently, Israel has released the Shifa hospital director who is claiming that Gaza’s top Shifa hospital was never used for Hamas. Because there was pressure from IDF and Israeli politicians to admit that all tunnels, weapons, hostage keeping & hiding leaders inside Shifa Hospital. But after a thorough investigation of 7 months, the director of Shifa Hospital was considered innocent. Due to this Israel’s Yoav Gallant had recently released about 50+ Gaza hostages. Due to this, it is now being shown that Netanyahu’s Dominance and Political Power inside the Knesset is ending and power is coming into the hands of IDF which in future can take action against Netanyahu to end Israel’s Gaza war. And now it is believed that Israel is planning to release all the Palestinians from Gaza who were imprisoned by Israel. The IDF can completely withdraw from Gaza and Hezbollah also has a plan to somehow move the Israeli army from Gaza to Lebanon and make Hamas stronger again.

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