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Is IDF planning to take over Israel like the Myanmar coup?, Gaza Refugees Deal : Israel Rafah War

Why did Netanyahu face a crisis after the Ceasefire in Gaza and, the IDF takeover of Israel?, Netanyahu Vs IDF, Israeli failure, Ceasefire in gaza, Palestine Refugee Deal.


Currently, many questions are roaming in the minds of people about whether another major change is going to happen in Israel in the future, and whether Israel is going to become Myanmar in the future. Because on one side Netanyahu is constantly going against international law and on the other side Israel’s opposition leader is also seen supporting Netanyahu and the IDF. So in such a situation, it is believed that by carrying out strikes in Rafah, Netanyahu has admitted his mistake for the first time. Due to this, it is being said that now Netanyahu wants to withdraw his army from Gaza and Netanyahu is also facing pressure from the opposition leader. Because somewhere or the other, Netanyahu feels that the IDF and Netanyahu have to face the biggest challenge in Israeli politics, whose IDF and Netanyahu do not want the opposition leader should win. The real credit for the Gaza war should not be taken by the opposition leader. Because there are Torah Jews who only want peace between Palestine and Israel and are also demanding a Palestinian state. It is said that there is a big war going on inside Israel.

Why did Netanyahu face a crisis after the Ceasefire in Gaza and, the IDF takeover of Israel?

However, Netanyahu can neither make any Ceasefire nor scale back his operation against Hamas. Because Netanyahu is stuck in international as well as domestic issues, due to which now no step can save Netanyahu from losing his power. In such a situation, not only Netanyahu himself is trapped alone but the Israeli Army is also trapped. And in such a situation, if ever there is a rift between Netanyahu and the Israeli Army due to any operations, then in the future the IDF can carry out a coup or takeover in Israel. But for now, it remains to be seen whether IDF is really following Netanyahu’s instructions or not. And the second thing is that the opposition leaders or Civilians inside the Knesset are continuously organizing big protests against Netanyahu. If Israel’s war with Hamas and Hezbollah continues for another year, international sanctions can be imposed on Netanyahu as well as the Israeli army. But the way IDF has failed to defeat Hamas in the last 200 days, it does not seem that Israel will ever be able to defeat Hamas. But Netanyahu believes that Hamas fighters want the Palestinians to remain inside Gaza so that the war with Israel can be fought for the next two years. On the other hand, Hamas has also become a big crisis for Israel which will be a big failure not only for the Israeli Army but also for the entire Israel and most importantly Political, Business, US, pro-Israeli, IDF, and Leadership. Recently, countries like Canada and America are now ready to provide shelter to all the refugees of Gaza for Israel.

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