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Iran and Russia Rise Military Aid to Taliban in Syria, Afghanistan in Gaza War : Israel Gaza War

Taliban May Attack Knesset or Jerusalem, Iranian and Russian Military Aid to Lebanon and Afghanistan, Taliban In Middle East War, Iran and Russia Rise Military Aid to Taliban in Syria, Afghanistan in Gaza War : Israel Gaza War, Israel Lebanon War, Israel Yemen war, Israel Afghanistan War.


Currently, Israel is moving inside Gaza, due to the Hamas war, the Muslim countries of the world are preparing to send their army against Israel, the biggest name of which is now being mentioned as the Taliban, which may pose a threat to Israeli interests and the IDF in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq in the future. So now amidst all this, the dreaded fighters of the Taliban have also sent their soldiers to Syria who were from the Fatemiyoun Brigade. However, for now, Israel has not taken any major action against the Taliban in Syria because if Israeli air forces directly target Taliban fighters then in the future Afghanistan’s top brigades can also be landed in Syria and Yemen. So now it is being said that Iran is forcing other countries like Syria, Lebanon, and Israel to go into the Gaza war. If Taliban fighters come to Syria and support Assad against Israel, then in the future US and Russia can also use it against each other by strengthening other local rebels in Syria. However, the arrival of Taliban fighters in Syria can give a big success to Hezbollah because till now no country has sent its army to support Israel.

Taliban intervene in the Gaza War, Will Russia and Iran send Troops and Military Aid to Lebanon and Afghanistan?

However, till now Iran and Russia have strengthened their military bases in Syria, but in the future Russia and Iran can also provide top advanced weapons against Israel to the Taliban, Hezbollah, and Lebanon Army. Due to this, not only will Hezbollah and Taliban become stronger in the Middle East, but Iranian and Taliban influence may also increase. Recently it has been told that the Taliban has the most US-made advanced weapons that can be used against Israel in the future. The US would not want the Taliban to use those USmade weapons against Israel in Syria, which would increase the Iranian dominance in the Middle East. But now the news is also coming that if the Taliban gets fully involved in the Middle East and the IsraelGaza war then there will be huge opportunities for Russia and Iran to end Israel or US dominance and interest in the Middle East. The arrival of the Taliban inside Syria means that now Afghanistan has also taken direct entry into the Syrian war and in the future, Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Taliban together can launch a big attack on Israel.

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