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Iran may send $100b to Taliban for Interven Lebanon war, Israel Iran War: Hezbollah News

Taliban May Attack Tel Aviv, Hezbollah Israel war, Why do the Taliban, Iraqi Forces, and IRGC want to Intervene in the Hezbollah-Israel War? top 5 Islamic countries intervern in Hezbollah Israel war


Currently, due to the ongoing clashes and conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, the government of many countries has asked their citizens to avoid Lebanon and Israel. Because now it seems that the war between Israel and Hamas is now spreading throughout the Middle East and East-West Asia. That being said, now the Taliban, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen can also start attacking Israel directly. Currently, Iran cares a lot for Hezbollah and if Israel declares war against Lebanon and Hezbollah then Iran can send IRGC to attack Israel directly. Due to this, this war may eventually reach again between Iran and Israel. Because for Iran, Hezbollah is active to a great extent not only in the Middle East but also in Latin America, Europe, and the whole world. Due to this, it is now being said that if there is a war between Hezbollah and Israel in the future, then Iran, Taliban, and Iraqi forces will also have to take entry.

Why do the Taliban, Iraqi Forces, and IRGC want to Intervene in the Hezbollah-Israel War?

However, Afghanistan does not benefit much from the Hezbollah war, but recently Pakistan has started helping Israel with arms and intel, due to which now Afghanistan and Iran are entering the war against Israel to encircle Pakistan. But on the other hand, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran are working together on their corridors, defense, and regional developments. Actually, recently Iran, Afghanistan, Russia, and China are simultaneously taking action against Israel. Actually, recently Taliban has most US-made weapons that can attack the power of Israel to a great extent. Because of this, the US and NATO are now worried that the Taliban might use those American weapons against Israel without US permission. on the other hand, the Taliban believes that Mossad and the CIA are considered to have the biggest role in creating war between Russia and America in Afghanistan. After this, it is being told that the main aim of the Taliban is that it will now support Hezbollah against Israel but till now a deal worth billions of USD is still pending between Iran and Afghanistan. Due to this, now It can help the Taliban with arms, financial and advanced weapons. Due to all this, Iran can now give about $100 billion USD to the Taliban which can support them in the war with Hezbollah and against Israel.

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