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Elon Musk to Visit Gaza & West amid Ceasefire, Houthi War in Gaza : Israel Hamas War

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Recently a report was published that Hamas has invited Elon Musk to come to Gaza and see the massive attack by Israel, Airstrike, Humanitarian aid pause, and fuel ban. Now Elon Musk has been told that Western and US media have done a lot to defame Hamas and Gaza only by attacking Israel but if Elon Musk goes there then it may change the Arab mood against Hamas. And maybe, Elon Musk’s visits can increase the ceasefire. Recently I wrote an article that if Elon Musk wants, he can do something about Israel and Hamas. Because Elon Musk is a neutral businessman maybe after visiting Israel he can also visit Gaza and the West Bank. Because if Elon Musk can deliver Starlink, Internet, and many types of humanitarian aid to Gaza, then perhaps he can also reach Gaza and the West Bank.

Why do Hamas, IDF, Netanyahu, Hezbollah, and Palestine have so much hope from Elon Musk?

This visit of Elon Musk is not a normal visit, it is a very important visit and hence Hamas and Hezbollah would not want to attack Israel again like before. Because from this visit, we can see some peace in Gaza and the West Bank, and it seems that even if Elon Musk’s visit to Gaza and the West Bank does not yield much results, then Israel and Hamas can break the ceasefire. The Palestinians, the Fatah Army of the West Bank, Hamas, and other Palestinian resistance in Gaza. feel that whatever leader or minister came before Elon Musk, was only showing the strength in between US-Israel. But Elon Musk has no enmity with anyone and one-sided support of Elon Musk is also not very important for Elon Musk. It seems that Elon Musk may visit the West Bank and Gaza. Because all other platforms except Twitter started supporting each other Israel and Radicalization, including Free Palestine, Hamas, and West Bank by freezing their accounts. Because of this, Hamas and Hezbollah also want the war between Israel and Gaza to end, and After Elon Musk if this thing fails then Israel may be able to break the ceasefire.

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