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Elon Musk may solve Israel-Gaza Conflict than Joe Biden, EU, Xi Jinping, Qatar and Putin : Israel Elon Musk Relation

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Right now, a meeting is going to be held with Elon Musk and Israeli leaders and there is hope for many countries who want to maintain peace in the entire Middle East and stop the world from having a World War-like situation. Well, perhaps this meeting will not be between IsraelElon Musk, it will be between entire Arabs, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Because recently Elon Musk supported Israel and also provided services like Starlink to the people of Gaza. So in such a situation, it seems that Elon Musk is a mentally rich mind who can play a big role in improving the condition of Israel and Gaza. However, big leaders of the US and Europe have also come to Israel and Arab countries for negotiations between Israel-Hamas, but the stand of Arabs and Israel has been clearly not expressed to resolve to make a ceasefire and stop attacks on Gaza.

Why Elon Musk Wants US Interest Deeper with Middle Eastern Countries Amid Two-State Solution?

But now it is believed that Elon Musk can maintain his neutral stance and give some message to Netanyahu and Hamas which will create a new life long for the Middle East. Although Elon Musk can do a lot to improve the situation, he would like American Interests to also benefit from the end of this war. Because most of the attacks have taken place in America’s Interest since the IsraelHamas war started. This would clearly mean that Elon Musk can keep a few conditions if it comes to ending the war. Well, apart from the war, defense deals, technology, Starlink, and many other deals are also possible between Elon Musk and Israel. And Elon Musk can also talk to the leaders of Iran, Syria, and Lebanon to stop the war, but this is not as easy as Israel and Iran are doing for themselves.

Why does Elon Musk blame Israel or Iran amid the Gaza War?

But if Elon Musk wants, he can talk to eliminate or Push Back Arabs, Iran, Hamas, West Bank, Golan Heights, and Proxy War, but if Israel remains in its stance then there will be no difference between Israel and Elon Musk’s two-state solution. Because if Elon Musk has to listen to Israel, he will also have to listen to Iran, Hamas, Palestinians, Hezbollah, and Houthis. Because Elon Musk can never come up with a one-sided solution and if Elon Musk wants, he can directly support Israel or Palestine but he cannot support any one party in comparison to two solutions. Due to all this, Elon Musk will always want Israel to withdraw its army from the West Bank, Gaza, and Golan Heights. Elon Musk’s stance has always been neutral because he neither listens to Hamas nor to Israel because both of them have killed a lot of people in one go and have also made hostages. But if Israel says that they want peace then they will have to accept Elon Musk’s conditions being a democratic country, and if Israel does not accept their conditions then Palestine will probably have open support for Elon Musk.

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