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Bitcoin Price will reach $55,000 before Bitcoin ETF, Halving and Altcoin Season Fail 2024 : CryptoCurrency News

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Currently, many companies, entrepreneurs, and top Crypto holders are moving into the Bitcoin Wave and are pouring money into Bitcoin. Most Crypto Whales, Ethereum Whales, and Altcoin whales now preparing to swap their all assets, NFTs, crypto, and memecoin holdings into Bitcoin to make their assets more long-term friendly and investment portfolio management. Recently, we saw Bitcoin price at $41000 from the last 1 week of the stable candle. Most Crypto, Memecoin, Altcoins, and NFTs holders are looking to move their funds into Bitcoin amid the Bitcoin ETFs approval rates surge. Bitcoin ETFs have led to a number of crypto holders, including common people, Ethereum Solana holders, banks, and financial assets moving to invest large amounts in Bitcoin and crypto. There are also going to be other major developments in Bitcoin, Altcoin, Memecoin, and NFTs marketplaces after 2024 so there is still a lot of achievement left for Bitcoin price, Altcoin Season and CryptoCurrency. 

Why Bitcoin Price of $50K is necessary before Bitcoin ETF approval?

Currently, many Crypto experts, entrepreneurs, holders, and investors have advised that if anyone wants to invest money in Crypto then they should only invest in Bitcoin so that your and the Crypto industry’s money is profitable, secure, and financially free. Crypto, Altcoin, and Memecoin are good for extra trade, intraday, and FUTUREs but if long you want to secure the Crypto industry and trust Bitcoin then your investment should try Bitcoin and Bitcoin’s layer 2 CryptoCurrencies. If all Jim Grammer, SEC, US Congress, European Banks, and US banks prefer Bitcoin then they can also indicate in favor of Altcoin, and Memecoin. Since not every bank can afford Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and Litecoin can be options for them. And due to the existence of thousands of types of altcoins, memecoins, and NFTs, there are also thousands of types of losses. hence now most of the top investors, institutions, and banks want to invest billions of USD in Bitcoin so that there can be profit in the future and an asset also. Most of the investors who see a good future in gold, silver, and Bitcoin are investing huge amounts in things like Bitcoin, Gold, and Silver to save the world from the crisis due to inflation, recession, and unemployment. Due to this, the prices of gold, technology stocks, energy stocks, and bitcoin are continuously increasing.

Why Altcoin, ETH, and NFTs are losing dominance amid Bitcoin Growth?

All crypto holders and Altcoin traders are hopeful that after Bitcoin crosses $40K, a new wave will come into Altcoin, Memecoin, and NFTs. but this time everything is going upside down only in Bitcoin and Layer 2 tokens of Bitcoin like Ordinals, BRC20, and Bitcoin NFTs are growing. but Ethereum and Ethereum NFTs do not have a role yet.  So in such a situation, it seems that there are chances for Ethereum to also rise but due to the recent rumors of Ethereum ETFs, the rise in Altcoins has stopped. In such a situation, many big crypto traders have invested a lot of money in tokens like Bitcoin, ORDI, Solana, and BRC20. Now the question in the minds of Ethereum and Altcoin holders is whether Ordinals, BRC20 will replace Ethereum’s Altcoin season or this time Memecoin, The Altcoin season is going to fail during the massive growth of Bitcoin. While we have already seen growth ranging from 500% to 10000%, the Altcoin, Memecoin, and DeFi coins are now overtaking the Blockchain of Bitcoin, Ordinals and Solana.

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