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Why is a Bitcoin price $50k necessary before Bitcoin ETF approval worldwide?

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Many countries, institutions, crypto holders, FUTUREs Perpetual traders and merchants want to accept Bitcoin ETFs and Bitcoin payment to be the future of the world. Many people, new and old, are making plans to invest in Bitcoin, but as of now, none of the companies, AUMs, and Banks are able to ascertain whether there is an exact alternative to Bitcoin. Which can help in getting Bitcoin ETFs accepted everywhere. But now many banks and Assets Under Management are pushing forward their application for real Bitcoin ETFs and want the SEC to allow all the major banks in the world to have Bitcoin ETFs. so, that all the banks and financial systems in the world are on Bitcoin Can handle and ban global payment solutions. BlackRock, Fidelity, Deutsche Bank, and ARK Investing are all top banks in the world that manage most of the world’s funds and want to get a new investing option in which they can manage their funds, securities, and transactions. BlackRock wants to increase its global investing strategy with other countries to make its own platform using the Decentralized blockchain of Bitcoin.

Top Assets Management Companies investing in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.

Every bank is coming out with its own prediction in which it is said that the price of Bitcoin can reach almost $1M if all the AUMs (Assets Under Management) in the world accept it. But now let us talk about why it is important for Bitcoin price to reach $50k before getting Bitcoin ETFs. Therefore, the decline in Bitcoin Price is significant considering that Bitcoin is stable, Bitcoin ETFs are almost there, and Bitcoin has to remain stable for at least 6 months one time at the price of $50K to become a necessary investing strategy. Because Bitcoin has fallen a lot after the last halving it went from $70K to just $15K and even at that time it was believed that there was no such country, Banks, or AUMS that could keep Bitcoin stable To save people’s money.

Why $50K Bitcoin Price Has a Future of Bitcoin.

If Bitcoin standards had been approved at that time, it would probably have taken several years for Bitcoin to go from $70k to only $60k. Keeping Bitcoin stable is the biggest security and management for Banks and AUMs and it cannot be done by BlackRock or any big Assets Management company without Government support. Like today we can see in gold and other commodities, that whenever there is a sudden market crash, many companies buy back their assets, and investors, traders, and companies also have a chance of 100% survival in market crashes. As long as the world’s big banks, governments, and institutions cannot think about keeping Bitcoin stable and investing, it is a very volatile scenario for all new and old investors.

What Happens in the SEC or US if Bitcoin reaches $50K before Bitcoin ETFs?

Bitcoin’s $50K is a very profitable and strong investment for the world and Crypto Investors because no matter how many people buy the dip and hold it, they will not see any sign of profit yet those people will not get much profit in Bitcoin. And if Bitcoin reaches $50K then there is no chance that Bitcoin will go to $15K again because $50K Support is the biggest all-time high support of Bitcoin. And second thing, if Bitcoin keeps skyrocketing banks and AUMs will never tell investors that they cannot invest in Bitcoin without SEC and Government permission. Bitcoin being at $50K will also put pressure on the SEC that Bitcoin is more profitable than USD and other local forex and why Bitcoin ETFs are not being regulated. If Bitcoin price has increased by $50K and all the world’s institutions can withdraw money from Forex, Stocks, and any financial services. and put it into Bitcoin without permission due to the continuous increase in the price of Bitcoin, all the world’s governments, fundraisers, and Securities and Commissions can For this become the pain.

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