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Saudi Arabia has $40 Trillion USD, Top Richest Country of 2024 : Finance News

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Currently, Saudi Arabia’s investment is continuously increasing due to which it seems that in the future Saudi Arabia will be the world’s Financial Hub, Economic Corridor, Nuclear Energy, Natural Energy, Sports, liquors, Renewable Energy, Neom Projects, and many other foreign and domestic projects. Investment in sectors is being increased. Currently, some data from Saudi Arabia’s GDP, Wealth Fund, Investments, Net worth, GDP growth, GDP per capita, royal family’s wealth of $3T to $4 Trillion, and stock funds have shown that Saudi Arabia’s net worth is approximately $34 Trillion. Now it is also believed that in the future, the total worth of Saudi Arabia can reach almost $40 trillion, due to which tourism, sports, SaudiVision2030, and many other projects can lead to an inflow of billions or trillions of USD in Saudi Arabia. Arabia’s economy, GDP, and wealth fund. We all know that the US and China have the strongest economies and wealth in the world but other countries have debt more than their GDP and wealth funds and in this way, it is believed that in the future Saudi Arabia may also have debt till it becomes global. Therefore, there is a total of $34 Trillion USD in circulation in Saudi Arabia, but to increase this amount to approximately $50 Trillion in the future, another billion USD of Saudi Arabia can be used in Investments, Corridor Zones, and Development, but that work will come from the total wealth of Saudi Arabia.

how Saudi Arabia’s Total Wealth Become $50 Trillion USD By 2025?

However, today the GDP of the US is not even around 30 Trillion but the tax on the US is almost up to $34Trillion Thus there is a lot of tax on top of China and Japan now the world’s top financiers like Qatar, and UAE, Japan, China, and Saudi Arabia. They are investing their money in their own countries so that in the future the World Bank, IMF, and top institutional fundraisers may suspend giving loans to the poor countries of the world. Currently, the top oil-rich countries of the Middle East are doing many types of development with GCC, Arab League which will bring huge benefits for the economy of GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) in the future like Global Economic Corridor, Financial Hub, Investment Places, Jobs, Neom City, Artificial Cities, and building top richest businessmen places in Riyadh and UAE. Currently, Saudi Prince MBS has also brought many modern methods to Saudi Arabia like Liquor, Cinemas and etc. It seems that due to all this, Saudi Arabia is now focusing on business laws instead of Sharia law so that billions of USD can be invested in the future and Saudi Arabia can become the world’s top business, sports, and finance city. However, Saudi Arabia’s development and vision for 2030 are still going on, even if the Global, Middle Eastern, and Israeli Gaza wars are still going on. Saudi, UAE, and Qatar are the only countries whose foreign debt is absolutely equal to zero and the government work of these countries never stops because the foreign debt of those countries is 10X less than the economy.

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